Citroen AX noises - cmm
I have a 1997 AX 1l petrol, which went through it's 72k service 6wks ago. Since then, there is a fluttering kind of noise coming from under the bonnet as the engine is idling - could it be the new timing belt, if so is it supposed to make a noise?

I also have been getting a rattling noise which sounds like a loose piece of metal - my dad says it is pinking, but I can hear it going 60mph on the motorway, though it does seem restricted to the higher gears. This sound has been there since I got the car in 2000 but I will be trying to sell it next year for a bigger car and would like prospective buyers to have a 'quiet' test drive as far as possible...

can anyone suggest reasons for these noises?
thx in advance
Citroen AX noises - king arthur
Fluttering noise could be something as simple as a loose hose from the air cleaner box - why not lift the bonnet to see if you can tell where it's coming from?
Citroen AX noises - cmm
thx for the reply. I have tried that before but couldn't see what it was, but I'll have another look...
Citroen AX noises - Sooty Tailpipes
If you think the belts are chirping, throw a cup of warm soapy water over them it will make them silent for 20-30 seconds, then you will know if the noise is from them, or at least it will quieten things down while you listen for the other noise.

Does the other pinking? noise only occur under acceleration?
Citroen AX noises - cmm
Hi Sorry for taking so long to reply - couldn't logon...
Thx for the tip I will try that over the weekend

Yes the other pinking noise happens only under acceleration - it is very loud between 30-50mph (even in 4th gear) and is intermittent at higher speeds...
Citroen AX noises - Peter D
I have just had the cam belt changed on a 1.1 Pug 106 and it is making a 'moaning' noise at tick over and occasionally when changing gear. Andrew Morley on this forum assures me the cam belt is slightly too tight but I have not seen the can as my daughter is away with it. But this weekend I will be checking the belt. Pinking tends to be worse when applying gentle acceleration at 50/60 mph. Regards Peter
Citroen AX noises - lezebre
Re the suspected pinking, try running the fuel low and filling with some Shell Optimax, and see if there is a reduction in the engine noise.
Citroen AX noises - cmm
Thanks for the advice - just filled up before I read this so will have to wait a while to try it out, will let you know if it helps!

Citroen AX noises - Clanger
Possibly the new belt is catching on the cover which may or may not have been refitted correctly.

Stranger in a strange land
Citroen AX noises - cmm
I checked out the timing belt - was too tight so that's that one solved, thank goodness.
I had to take it to the mechanic for the other noises - he found something wrong with the suspension which is getting fixed...

Thanks to everyone for your replies - that'll keep me happy for a wee while longer!

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