Pug 306 1.6 Injector?/Tappet Noise - AgentSmith77

Wife has a 99T 306 1.6, on cold startup (only) theres a very pronounced tappety/injector noise, atleast on tickover sounds like it's making the noise quite a few times per second.

Oil is decent level, not long till replacement time but as it's definately worse when cold and it's getting towards winter thought i'd ask the Q.

cheers for any help. Dave.
Pug 306 1.6 Injector?/Tappet Noise - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
Hi dave,

Injectors can be heard on most engines - indeed, if you cannot hear the injectors it usually means they are dirty !

Tappet / hydraulic lifter / cam noise is much harsher, and if it is a tappet / lifter it will usually go away after a few seconds running. I would suggest you use a flushing agent (added to current oil) before changing, then be sure to use correct grade (viscosity) fresh oil with new filter, and I would then add Forté Top End Treatment, as this often helps oil supply tothe cam area. To find your nearest Forté stockinst call them on
0247 647 4069.

Regards, Adam
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Pug 306 1.6 Injector?/Tappet Noise - AgentSmith77
cheers for the suggestions adam, i'll give it a go.
Pug 306 1.6 Injector?/Tappet Noise - Dan G
Had a similar noise on a 205 petrol and was paranoid it was the cam shaft. Turns out the Y-piece on the exhaust had a tiny hole and was blowing when cold, but sealed when hot. Eventually one day the thing blew properly and at last I found out where the noise was coming from ...
Pug 306 1.6 Injector?/Tappet Noise - M.M
Good thought Dan. Look after a Cavalier with a similar leak on the exhause manifold. Only makes the noise when cold for the first minute or two...and the pulses of exhaust gas hit an alloy heat shield to sound just like a machanical problem.


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