fuel consumption 307 HDI - kal
Does any body have any idea of the real world fuel consumption of the new 307 HDI engine.

fuel consumption 307 HDI - Andrew-T
kal - about 50-60mpg for the 2-litre - see current thread '306 HDi - smoke normal?'. Or do you mean the smaller engine? Look in WhatCar? in the table of current cars - there should be a test result for a similar model.
fuel consumption 307 HDI - Ben79
I believe the 2.0 HDI will perform more like 45 to 50mpg depending how you drive it.

My dads Picasso 2.0HDI does about 50mpg, but he isn't in rush hour traffic often.

My C5 2.0 HDI 110 does about 45mpg, but I am in rush hour traffic every day.

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fuel consumption 307 HDI - Wilco {P}
I've got a 307 Estate - HDi 90. Done 16,000 miles and over that time has averaged just over 46 mpg. First couple of tanks were 38 mpg but it has got better, and have recently got 48 from a tankful.

This is on a mix on Motorways & A Roads. Don't drive it especially hard.

All in all, a bit short of the 50 plus combined figure.
fuel consumption 307 HDI - Durelli
Any specific type of fuel used?

Is one better than the other?


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fuel consumption 307 HDI - Ben79
HJ recommends Shell diesel. Thats what we run both our HDI's on. The best mileage we have ever had was 58mpg (calculated and on screen) in the Picasso and 53mpg (51mpg on screen) in the C5.

The HDI engines work well at 60mpg, try and release the throttle just before the top of the hill, when you go down a hill on overrun, gently (when nobody is behind you) tap the brake and the fuel cut-off will activate sooner. MPG will improve.

On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
fuel consumption 307 HDI - Armitage Shanks{P}
With a 90hp 2.0l Hdi in a 206 I get mid to high 50s mpg all the time. From a full tank (11 Gals) I got 600 miles with an indicated 75 miles 'to empty', but this is a lighter car than a 307. The 90 hp engine produces maximum torque @ 1900 rpm and I am told this is the rpm to use for max economy. This equates to 60 mph which is OK most of the time but boring in a 70 limit!

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