Tyres - welshy
Excuse me for posting this , im sure that you all wont mind ? New tyres for my 1995 Cavalier Sri , I think that they are 195,60,15 ?? I know for certain that they are 15 inch alloy rims. Are all tyres the same , are some tyres softer on the walls ? What would you guys recomend I should buy , I cant really afford very expensive makes, but obviously I want a good tyre ! Please help.
Tyres - Dynamic Dave
I had Vikings [1] all round on my previous Cavalier. Relatively cheap, and handled ok in both dry and wet conditions.

[1]My local tyre garage informed me that they are the same company as Continental.
Tyres - John Boy
Until recently I delivered tyres for a small tyre importer and learnt a lot just by handling them.
 The expensive brands feel light and flexible and go in a straight line when you roll them along the ground.
 The ones which were returned with faults were, in my experience, mainly the cheapest brands.
 Retreads should definitely be avoided - two of the same size can have large variations in weight.
We used to recommend Lassa tyres, which are made in Turkey in a factory owned by Bridgestone. To me, they "felt" almost as good as the most expensive brands, but were reasonably cheap. I don't remember any being returned. I can't comment on Vikings because I don't remember delivering any.

PS. The most horrifying faulty tyre was one which had a bolt embedded, head outwards, in the inside of the wall - it was covered with about 1mm of rubber which "popped" as soon as the tyre was under pressure.

Tyres - flatfour
I don't know where you live but if your anywhere near Cardiff, nip into Celtic tyres and ask for Hayden, he's proved to be a mind of information on tyres for my company fleet, won't rip you off with a high price tyre you don't need.
Tyres - eMBe {P}
welshy - look at your tyre walls, they will have the size written on them.
Then go to


to work out how much your tyres are likely to cost, depending on the maker.

The kwik-fit online prices are cheaper than going to them direct. You can look up the quotes without having to book your car in.
Tyres - smokie
Wow...just checked the prices for my tyres using this...

So...after doing the KwikFit thing, contact almost ANY local place and they will often be considerably cheaper! (about £50 per tyre cheaper in my case!)

Tyres - M.M

If you're on a budget but want a major established brand get Firestone F-700's. They do not seem to have any really bad traits.

Look at the Kwite High prices by all means but then go to a smaller independent for a deal.

Just as an example the popular, smallish tyre for a ZX TD is £17 more per tyre (for the Firestone) on that link than I'm getting them fitted for currently.


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