\"Free\" tracking check - owen
Got a new tyre for my Peugeot 306 XSi about an hour ago. Asked the bloke how much to check the tracking.

\"Free check sir\"
\"OK, could you check it then please?\"

Checks it.

\"Oh that\'s a mile out sir. No problem, it can be sorted, but that\'s £16.99 plus VAT\".

EVERY TIME i get a free tracking check, something needs adjusting. It was only checked and adjusted about 6 months ago. My wife drives the car most of the time, and it\'s quite possible she\'s kerbed it at some point. It\'s equally possible I have done the same, and forgotten about it. But is the suspension set up that sensitive that every single time i get a tracking check, something needs adjusting? Or am i being a cynical, suspicious, miserable pink fluffy dice?
"Free" tracking check - davemar
Does the car feel like it needs its tracking adjusted? Surely you'll know whether it needs doing, particularly on a car with as sweet as handling as a 306 should have.

Of course there's no such thing as a free lunch, so I can't imagine anyone has even been for one of these free tracking or brakes checks, for them to say "your tracking is spot on" or "your brakes are in perfect condition".
"Free" tracking check - owen
There was nothing noticable, the only reason I asked him to check was the tyre that needed replacing due to being illegal passed an MOT only a few months ago, so i thought that maybe it was wearing prematurely.

Unfortunately, since my wife drives the car most days i don't get as much of a feel for what's OK and what isn't. Having said that, the steering felt a bit lighter and more direct after, but that could be due to the old tyre being slightly low on pressure.

Like you say, no such thing as a free lunch - i was just wondering if anyone had been for a free check and didn't need work, or, more likely, if anyone had been told they needed adjustment when they knew that it didn't.
"Free" tracking check - Andrew-T
owen - your steering will always feel lighter if you replace a worn front tyre with a new one - more depth of rubber to absorb the scrubbing movement.
"Free" tracking check - edisdead {P}
Sympathies, owen, there's nothing worse than feeling that you might have been ripped off.

I'm assuming this was one of the wonderful fast-fit garages - if so, the same applies to the "free brake check" and "free suspension check" they often offer. However, imagine my surprise, when on one occasion I requested a "free battery check" in anticipation of a harsh winter. To my amazement, battery was declared absolutely fine, and I paid nothing. It died one week later. Very annoying.

It is my opinion that if tracking really is significantly out then you'll be able to feel it on the motorway, or at least see some evidence on close inspection of your tyres.

"Free" tracking check - Blue {P}
I know I've wittered on about this before, but, I'm gonna do the same again.

Ford RapidFit at Carrville, in Durham, they have checked mine for free and declared it absoloutely spot on, even though I told them that I had kerbed it. True to their word the tyre hasn't started wearing prematurely.

On another occasion they managed to fix a nasty alignment problem that another high street name garage (not kwik fit though) caused when doing the tracking and couldn't rectify after 3 repeat visits. Rapidfit got it sorted first time.

I should also point out that I hadn't even had the decency to ask for the check along with buying a tyre, I drove in for no other reason than to get the check done.

I'm sure they're not all angels, but Rapidfit at Durham now get all of my tyre related business!

"Free" tracking check - flatfour
Always ask for the print out that the tracking machine spews out, this will itemise the angles of camber when you take your car in, and then the agles after the adjustments have been made.

I know its alot more expensive, but I never now let a tyre garage do my tracking, I always take it back to the main dealer, they do it while you wait, they don't use gas welding equipment to heat up your track rods and melt your bushes, and most importantly they have the correct tolerences to set your car up as new, they can also spot that the tracking isn't out but a joint or bush is u/s or even a wheel bearing needs replacing, I've been there and now play safe.
"Free" tracking check - Phil I
ATS at Frome offer free tracking check with tyre purchases. Bought tyres from them. Check carried out with laser equipment covering all four wheels through all parameters. Very efficient. I watched the process closely took about 8 minutes to set up and four minutes to check results to pronounce spot on all round.

Happy Motoring Phil I
"Free" tracking check - nick
Kwikfit near me offer free tracking checks too. I had one on a quiet weekday and it was pronounced spot on, no charge. I always make a point of chatting to the guy while he's doing the job and showing some interest in the kit, I usually get a run-down on how it works and thus get to see the reading myself which I can compared to the correct figure I looked up before I went.
I've found my local Bush branch very helpful too although I suppose it is all down to the people at your branch.
"Free" tracking check - owen
OK, knowing that they're not all rip off merchants has put my mind at rest a bit!

I was looking round the car with the bloke who did it, and to be fair he did expain most of it to me. Thing is, not knowing the process involved he could have fed me any old carp!

I've had proper four wheel alignment checks done in the past on my Lotus (sadly not with me any more!) but the expense (around £70) just isn't justified on a car like this.

Still, i suppose it's only £20, and if it stops my tyres wearing prematurely it'll be well worth it.
"Free" tracking check - FlumoxedFred
I was just wondering if you could put me straight about what are the actual symptoms of the tracking being misaligned? I have just replaced a couple of front tyres which had wearing towards the inside of the tread. I am a little concerned that this is going to show up again fairly soon. Is this something to do with the tracking, or is it the suspension, or what else could it be???

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