Accident Damage from dealer - Miketheman
Hi all,

I recently had an incident in my Ford Racing Puma in which I was driving round a roundabout and someone pulled out in front of me. I shot straight into the side of the other car damaging the front quarter of the car.

The other person admited liability and the car has been repaired. However when the garage put the car on their 4-wheel alignment machine they found that the back was massively out. It turns out that the rear axle was 'bent'. The mechanic and I came to the conclusion that this must have happened at a different time (before I had the car).

As I have only had the car 4 months and I bought it from a car dealer, do I have every right to take it back and demand a full refund?

Thanks in advance,

Accident Damage from dealer - Altea Ego
errrrr No. Now you have had an accident in the car, you have very little chance of getting your money back. To have any chance at all you are going to need a full written report from a qualified motor engineer. He will have to state, and be prepared to testify in court, that there was 100% no chance that the accident you had had anything to do with the alignment.

If the back was massively out how before the accident how come this didnt show up in handling or tyre wear?

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