Rover 214 1997 - mickel
The front o.s. brake pads wear at a considerable rate more than the n.s. I have replaced cylinders but no better can anyone help Mikel
Rover 214 1997 - Dynamic Dave
Is the caliper sticking on the o/s? Generally one of the two pads will wear quicker than the other if so.
Rover 214 1997 - DL
Pads sticking in the carriers? That's quite common.
Rover 214 1997 - Civic8
You did not say whether there is a steering pull to one side as this is normally the case in braking that works on one side only
When you say you have replaced cylinder I assume you mean the calipers in which case there is another prob but if not let me know
Rover 214 1997 - DL
When the pads stick in the carriers (R200/400) it doesn't seem to affect the steering - I have seen countless examples of this accelerated wear.

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Rover 214 1997 - Civic8
I`m afraid there are a few possible causes for it.One is the pads were incorrectly were they fitted direct from box
they should be a slightly loose fit in the callipers any paint should be taken off with emery cloth and copperslip or copper grease should be applied to the metal backing of the pad PS not the brake pad surface in contact with the disc.Sorry if you already know that.the other possible cause may be incorrect size bore on that calliper to the piston that will cause it as well.The other poss is which is highly likely the bolts you undo to remove the pads have a sliding tube fitted under the rubber seal if they get dusty the same problem occurs.If I haven`t told you anything new I appologise

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