Ford Escort brakes/suspension - JamZ
Following all the problems I have been having with my polo being set on fire (incidentally, I took it back at the weekend and asked for it to be fixed), I went out and bought a '98 Ford Escort to get me to work and back every day. After a few days, there was a severe vibration on braking and a slight constant vibration through the steering wheel. I had the front discs replaced and this cured the vibration on braking. But the steering wheel still vibrates slightly all the time. I have noticed at low speeds that there is a slight grating noise coming from one of the front wheels as if the brake pads were touching on the discs with every complete revolution of the wheels. My first thought was wheel balancing but I don't see how this could explain the slight grating noise.

Any ideas? Am I potentially looking at mega-bucks to get this sorted out? Could the noise just be my imagination? Could it just be because it's a diesel?

Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated!

many thanks,

Ford Escort brakes/suspension - pastyman
It could be that where your old discs were worn, they made the problem worse, but where you had new discs/pads fitted, the hub mounting area behind the disc, was this cleaned of all corrosion/dirt etc ?, as this could make the new disc sit on the hub unevenly and you will still get a vibration at the pedal.



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