Metro Gearbox - Metro Man
I have a 1.0L metro. I cannot get 3rd gear. Sometimes 4th is dificult aswell.
Anyone come across this problem ?

Metro Man
Metro Gearbox - Rob
Same thing happened to girlfriends metro last year but with 2nd and 4th. your gearbox definatly screwed i think!

I really REALLY hate metros, unreliable, rusty and generally a bit poo.. now is the time to move on i think and get something else!
Metro Gearbox - Dynamic Dave
Similar thing happened to my old Allagro - except on that I couldn't get 1st or 2nd. It was the rubber mounts that hold the gearstick to the floor - or rather one of the two didn't, if you get my drift. Not sure if the Metro has a similar layout or not. How loose if the gearstick?

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