crv chain or belt? - c8
I would be grateful if someone could confirm that a 2000 model crv has a cam belt rather than a chain? Also, cbcb has doesn't have much that is bad to say about the crv, I'd appreciate any comments while considering buying a 3 yr old crv.
crv chain or belt? - Adam Going (Tune-Up)
According to my information (Autodata) CRV is definitely a belt, with an advised renewal interval of 72K or 8 yrs, whichever is the sooner. No special tools listed, but they give "remove & install" as 2.3 hours, and in my experience they usually under-estimate on Hondas, so reckon on 3 hours.

Lack of comment in cbcb is probably a true reflection of their reliability. I have only ever seen CRVs for routine servicing, and would regard reliability as typically Honda - too b....y good !

Regards, Adam
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