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citroen bx level adjuster. - chris watson
what are the levels for on the citroen bx, i know that the highest level is for tyre changing, but what do the other levels do???
Re: citroen bx level adjuster. - Darcy Kitchin
Max height for changing wheels (and rear spheres if you're keen)

Intermediate high for clearing obstacles at low speed, or for raising towball (if fitted) into towhitch, or if you just like a bumpy ride

Normal - what can I say?

Low is a service position used for changing the green fluid, detaching towball from towhitch, preventing wheel clamps being attached (allegedly), or for frightening cats that might be sheltering under your car
Re: citroen bx level adjuster. - Mike Harvey
Ride height. Rough terrain, high, low, lowers centre of gravity for improved handling. Normal driving in the middle. All levels, keeps Citroen dealers in work.
Re: citroen bx level adjuster. - Will Brackenbury
Several friends of mine have had BXs. One still has after 10 years. Ive had two XMs, my father has a Xantia and had three GS cars. My early XM suffered with a siezed height corrector and a punctured pipe and one friend had a neglected BX16valve with hydraulic problems, but otherwise no problems. Change the fluid and spheres and all will be good.
Citroen BX level adjuster - David Lacey
I found the 'Low' setting excellent for making progress in 'Stealth' mode!

The car would sit so low it was surreal!

Not a nice ride though, really bumpy and probably not good for the car or occupants!


Re: Citroen BX level adjuster - Darcy Kitchin
Only suspension at low setting is the rubber bump stops, this explains the hard ride. The exhaust to ground clearance would be measured in mm rather than inches, so it's risky. There is a school of thought that says the car should be manoeuvred and parked in low after a run to lube the driveshaft splines.

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