Windscreen Wiper Squeal - Halmer
Anyone got asny tips on how to get rid of it please?

I assume that I've caused it by washing the screen with WashandWax stuff.
Windscreen Wiper Squeal - DL
New blades!
Windscreen Wiper Squeal - SjB {P}
New blades, sure, often the case, as is clean glass, but I have also found the angle of the blade on the windscreen to be crucial when it comes to effective wiping with no judder, and no squeal.

On my Rover 420 nine years ago, I solved horrendous squeal simply by gently bending the end of the wiper arm to reduce the angle at which the blade touched the screen.

Squeal was banished, and wiping efficiency increased.
Windscreen Wiper Squeal - Dynamic Dave

Windscreen Wiper Squeal - Halmer
The car is only 18 months old. Surely that blades should last longer than that. My mate has a Mazda 6 that is only six months old and his wipers do exactly the same.

Basically the windscreen is too squeaky clean!
Windscreen Wiper Squeal - Sooty Tailpipes
I think it is the wash and wax that causes most of the problems for me, but I want to protect the paintwork and repell water from crevices, so have to use it. I have found wiping wiper blades with Meths can help, as I think some of the wax build up on the blades themselves.
Windscreen Wiper Squeal - PhilW
I think I know why they squeal! If you expect blades to last more than 18 months I think you are being very optimistic! Try changing them - I change mine every 6 months - beginning of winter and end of winter. Mind you, I also buy them in France when on a "booze cruise" and they are less than half the price they are here (you might say they don't last long but I change them when they are not squeaky or smeary - they would probably last longer but I hate a smeary/sqeaky/juddery wiper). A pair of wipers in France can be between £4 and £10 depending on car. I have promised to bring some back for my neighbour who has just paid £12.99 for a drivers side blade for his 106 GTi. If anyone can explain why a pair of Champion wipers in France costs half the price of a single wiper at our local accessory shop I would be pleased to hear.
Windscreen Wiper Squeal - chris p crisps ©
If anyone can explain why a pair of Champion wipers in France
costs half the price of a single wiper at our local accessory
shop I would be pleased to hear.

simply another case of rip off britain,if they can get away with over charging then they will.I come across this discrepincy all the time even prices differ between north and south UK from the same retail outlets.Petrol prices are a very good example of this great rip off.

Windscreen Wiper Squeal - RichardW
I see / go in so many cars with juddering / knackered wiper blades it's rediculous! A new set costs £10 - £15, about 1/4 the cost of a tank of fuel or a small round in the pub so BUY SOME NEW BLADES!!! This is your only view of the road, so make the most of it! I reckon on them lasting about 5 -10k depending on how old your windscreen is (my old BX used to eat wiper blades and a new one was required at least every 5k miles), and the time of year. I do about 20k a year and expect to put on at least 2 new sets every year.


Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....

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