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18 months ago when i was considering importing a Saab 9-3 the official line from Saab Uk was that the car would not be registered on their computer and I would have diffiuculty in getting warranty work undertaken unless I could get a registered Saab dealer to put the car on the Saab network computer.
I have now contacted Saab UK who say that there is no problem with me importing a Saab from the EU except that warranties vary according to which country it is purchased, they will put it on the Saab Uk computer system as soon as I take it to a main dealer, and all warranty work will be honoured, the only draw back is if i wanted to reject the car which is very unlikely, i would have to return it to the garage who originally supplied it, possibly in sweden? The main thing is to make sure the vehicle meets uk standards.
imports - LongDriver {P}
Most cars imported from EU countries are IDENTICAL in every way to UK models.

If they're not, they're often of a HIGHER trim specification. The odd item may be lower than UK spec.

In certain circumstances, your EU import car may even have a BETTER warranty.

Take my import Galaxy Ghia TDi:

Mine has: UK Vehicle:

Dual Aircon No
Multifunction Steering No
Metallic included in price No
Steel Spare Wheel Alloy
2yrs/Unlimited Mile Wty 3yrs/60,000 mile warranty

The latter two, for some people, may be a negative aspect.

The spare wheel: how often do you actually have the spare on?

Warranty: I do 50,000+ miles per year. A UK 60,000 mile warranty would run out in just over a year, whereas my UK-honoured Ford Europe warranty lasts me for 2 years and 100,000 miles plus.

How may UK-supplied vehicles have a 100,000 mile warranty???


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