Ford Transit gearbox - John Boy
I'm a part-time professional driver (people) and often have to drive a Ford Transit minibus (M-reg) which is difficult to get into first gear. An hour in slow-moving traffic leads to an extremely painful left arm. Is it a foregone conclusion that a solution to this problem is difficult and expensive?
Ford Transit gearbox - none
Often a new clutch will sort it out, the gearbox / clutch plate splines tend to rust and stick. What sometimes happens is that drivers force the gearlever 'gently' at first, then as it gets more difficult engage, a bit harder. This damages the selectors, and a gearbox rebuild is then neccessary.
Not sure about yours, but earlier Transits had an auto adjuster, later ones were adjustable at the pedal - be worth checking the adjustment first. The clutch and brake pedals should be at about the same height if adjustment OK.
Ford Transit gearbox - John Boy
Thanks for that, Carrick. Will check the adjustment. Forgot to say that the other characteristic of this vehicle is that clutch take-up is a bit juddery until the vehicle has warmed up. I'd assumed that was because we don't use it much - for obvious reasons. Maybe there's a connection.
Ford Transit gearbox - DL
A new clutch and a ratchet & pawl (auto adjuster) will have the Transit back to its former glory, I'm sure.

Once drove a Transit minibus to Blackpool (Lang way!) and that suffered the same problem.

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