peugeot 405 5th Gear Problems - owenP
I was given a peugeot 405 diesel, which needed a couple of things doing for the MOT. This has been done and it now passed - but there is something wrong with the position of the gearlever. The lever itself is far too forward - and with 2nd, 4th or reverse selected - the lever is at the normal position for neutral. When 1st, 3rd or 5th is selected the lever is nearly touching the plastic where the radio is!
There was a problem in that a bodged fix had been done where the bellcrank bolt attaches to the steering rack - which needed a replacement of the rack (And the fact that the rack was leaking anyway) and correct parts fitted. When I came to use the car after it passed its MOT - it jumped out of 5th gear whenever you took your foot off the accelerator. My current thought (owing to the position of the gearlever) is that the selector rod from the gear lever to the linkage is one from another car - fitted as part of the bodged repair - which I will try and get another one from a breakers. The other suggestion I had was that it was a worn 5th gear cog in the gearbox which was causing it - as I have read somewhere that the 5 speed box on the 405D is a retrofitted 4 speed box - and the 5th gear cog is easy to replace. Failing that I could get a 'box from a breakers. The car is probably due for a new clutch soon as the pedal seems very high - so this might be the best solution.
Has anyone else had this sort of problem - and any suggestions on how to fix it?

peugeot 405 5th Gear Problems - DL
Definately sounds like a linkage problem - it isn't the nicest of gear linkages, believe me!

It almost sounds as though something is missing or wrong; it would take a trained eye to find which part, I reckon.
peugeot 405 5th Gear Problems - M.M
Jumping out of fifth is so likely to be down to this linkage problem. Either a linkage positioning error or stiffness in a pivot will do this.

As you know the lever is out of position attack this first, you need to get under another 405 and compare. This will make it easy to see what's up with yours.

As DL says omeone who looks at this vehicle type frequently will tell you in minutes on the ramp.


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