VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - andrew4

I have a VW Golf Mk2 1300.

My current timing belt has done 50,000 miles over 8 years!

According to the VW dealer this timing belt should only have to be replaced after 80,000 miles.

Should I replace the belt knowing that it has been there for 8 years?

VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - madf
After 5 years they are past their usable safe life. Change now or save £20 to risk several £00s:-)

VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - BB
If it was my car, I would replace it.

80,000 seems a bit high for a replacement VW timing belt, but I am sure some back roomers will tell you if that is right.

If a replacement is due after 80,000 miles, then you should change at 80,000 miles or 8 years.

Similarly, if the replacement was due after 50,000, then you should change at 50,000 miles or 5 years.

It is worked out on the assumption of 10,000 miles per year. As you have done 50,000 over 8 years (6,250 a year) mileage is not an issue but age is.

Hope this helps.
VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - DL
4 yrs or 40K is my rule of thumb, seems to be the (sensible) norm amongst 'aware' motorists!
VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - andrew4
Is there a prescribed tension for a VW 1300 timing belt?
VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - PhilW
My next door neighbour was driving his (aged )MIL's car when the belt went. Car has done about 50k but is H reg. The next week the belt went in his Mondeo which he had just bought from his son - it was L reg and had done about 100k. He had assumed that it had had the belt changed at the specified interval and wouldn't need another yet. Each job cost over £700. If you have any doubts, change the belt - it's a lot cheaper than £700! (Or even £1400!)
VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - Miller
Just curious, what kind of car was the H reg? 90% of cars this age are not worth £700!

I'm a loser, baby....so why don't you kill me?!
VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - PhilW
It's a 406, but --- his MiL is 80 and has had the car since new so she is used to it and doesn't want to change and it's probably safer to keep it rather than try to become accustomed to a new one. She only does v. limited miles and buying a new one would probably cost more than the £700 spent on cambelt. Also has emotional attachment since it served her and husband well until he died ....I think you will see the point!!
Don't worry, my neighbour also wondered about whether it was worth it, but decided it was!
VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - Hintza
My Girlfriend's Golf 1.6 (X reg) timing belt failed about a week after its 30,000 mile service. Warranty job but a lot of hassle!
VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - John F
94 Passat 2.0GL auto, just turned 226,000, original belt. If it works, don't mend it [see Hintza's message].

Inspect it regularly and listen for tension pulley whine. Mine's on its second.
VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - Sarb11
John F my 1990 1.3 Golf Mk2 had got original Cam belt its done 63000 miles. I have been thinking about changing it for a while but agree with your theory if it works don't mend it. Can you tell me a bit more about tension pulley whine and how do I figure out if this comes from the fan belt or Cam belt. I noticed a slight whine on starting my car up this is very rare but it has happened a few times over the 6-7 weeks. The whining stops after a few seconds I have not noticed it during driving.

VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - madf
"If it works, don't mend it"

Fine for most things, but if you read this site, it is OBVIOUS that it is like saving by not insuring your house: and then being flooded. Same saving to cost ratio.

Cost of fitting new cambelt: £50 to £150

Cost of fitting new cylinder head : £450 - £750

Cost of new engine: £000s

In fact if you follow this precept , why bother changing the engine oil and filter? It's working...

But then if you want to risk it feel free to do so. Chances are it will break on a cold wet morning when you are in a hurry ...

VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - John F
madf, my house is well insured - false analogy.
oil and filter neglect, also false analogy.

226,000 obtained by 10,000m oil and filter change [leave for an hour with car tilted slightly to ensure complete drainage] - cheapish Comma semi-synthetic 10-40, approx £9 for 5l. It now uses 1 litre per 900m and passed its MoT 2/52 ago!
VW Golf. Time limit for timing belt? - John F
Sarb11, I distinguish between belt and pulley whine by a brief squirt of belt dressing [or WD40] well away from suspect pulley. Belt whine stops immediately. If belt whine, check that some mechanic hasn't cranked it as tight as he can in the hope the water pump/alternater/percolator bearings will fail soon. Belts and bearings last for ages these days - my 23yr old TR7 has original fan belt and alternator - admittedly a mere 62,000m.

Also, feel the cambelt tension pulley after a run - depending on design if blisteringly hot and whining slightly, replace asap. My Passat's is mainly metal, but I understand some cheapskate manufacturers make them out of plastic, which can suddenly disintegrate! [vauxhall?]


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