Omega - intermittent alarm when moving - Whatdowepayourroadtaxfor
Omega Elite 2.5 \'98
The under bonnet alarm sounder starts to splutter into action, very intermittently, in trafic.
If I stop, the alarm continues, although switching off the ignition & back on again tends to (mostly) cure it.

No false alarms when parked up ...any ideas / experiences?
Omega - intermittent alarm when moving - smokie
Has this always happened, or only since you changed the intrument panel light bulbs?
Omega - intermittent alarm when moving - Whatdowepayourroadtaxfor
No, it is so intermittent, I forgot to mention it when I asked about the bulbs!
I suspect it may be a connector block, as the thing "splutters" into life as I drive sometimes, and then usually clears when I stop & switch the ignition off / on again (but sometimes starts again a little later.)

I've tried the key fob to lock / unlock to see if that stops it (it has no effect).

I wondered if the under bonnet vertical microswitch (RHS rear of engine bay) or associated wiring / harness / connector block might be intermittent - does that switch flag to the alarm system that the bonnet has been releases? But then again, opening the bonnet and shutting it again has no effect, but then again, the alarm sensing might operate on an electronic "latch" rather than on/off sensing. But then again.....

MUST get a haynes manual & look at the diagrams.
Omega - intermittent alarm when moving - elekie&a/c doctor
The most common fault with Omega alarm systems is the electronics in the power sounder/siren unit(located behind inner wing panel). Only cure is replacement unit don't think they are too expensive.

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