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Gearbox oil change - Fiesta. - Grease_monkey
Are there any benefits from changing the gearbox oil or is it purely just a waste of time and money. My car is a ford fiesta 1.25.
Gearbox oil change - mark999
It certainly can't hurt as long as you use the correct grade of
Gear oil.
Regarding the cost even expensive gear oil (eg castrol syntrax) is only a few quid a litre.
Whilst I was in for an MOT I asked my local garage to change the gearbox oil,which I supplied, they dint even charge for this.
Gearbox oil change - Grease_monkey
Thanks for the reply mark999. is there any particular brand of gearbox oil anyone recommends. I ahve read about Redline gearbox oil being good? is this true?
Gearbox oil change - Fiesta. - none
Is there a drain plug on a Fiesta gearbox?
Gearbox oil change - Fiesta. - madf
Yes: needs an Allen key. Plug furthest from engine.. not the plug near the engine bellhousing.

I find when you remove the top upplug (which is magnetised) to check the oil, there was an appreciable amount of metal filings on son's 1993 1.1 which had done 53k miles. But oil looked ok so I left it.

Gearboxes are relatively unstressed so unless you drive hard/hi miles.. I personally will only change at 75k.

PS filings in no way looked like Minis used to when you did 6k oil changes..Mini was MUCH worse.
Gearbox oil change - Fiesta. - Kingpin
You may struggle to drain the oil from the gearbox of a 1.25 zetec engine fiesta. My 1998 model did not have a drain plug, there was only a filler/level plug on the front of the box.
Perhaps Ford fitted 'sealed for life' lubricant.
I think the gearbox may be different from the 89-96 model Fiesta.
Gearbox oil change - Fiesta. - John S

I believe you're right - in fact I didn't think these boxes had had drain plugs since the 1980's, but it's been commented here that some models do have them. Where only the combined filler/ level plug is fitted I've drained the early Fiesta boxes by removing the reverse gear detent cover. It sits at the bottom of the box. I believe this is covered in the Haynes manual. May be worth a look even on the newer cars.


john S
Gearbox oil change - Fiesta. - mss1tw

Anyone know if it is possible to drill a hole and tap a thread into the casing?

Same story with my motorbike - early models had fork oil draining bolts, the newer ones you have to take the whole lot off and turn upside-down.

Progress, eh.

Gearbox oil change - Fiesta. - madf

Pump it out.

Gearbox oil change - Fiesta. - mss1tw

I guess I could try and find something to do that with. A giant syringe or something!

Gearbox oil change - Fiesta. - piggy

>>>I guess I could try and find something to do that with. A giant syringe or something!<<

A better idea would be to use a Pela pump. I use it to maintain two cars and I`ve not removed an undertray or a sump plug in years. Perfect for removing oil or coolant. No,I haven`t got shares in the company.

Gearbox oil change - Fiesta. - mss1tw

Thanks for the tip, looks like a worthy buy.


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