Best BR suggestions - BobbyG
In the back room we discuss anything and everything, mostly to do with motoring. We may agree or disagree but thats the beauty of the backroom.

Every so often an idea comes up that just hits you right between the eyes. One I have seen this week has been the one that on a dual carriageway or motorway, there should be a double white line running between the inside lane and the next lane at on ramps so that cars cannot join the motorway and move straight over, and this also eliminates possible accidents where drivers move from the middle lane to the inside just as cars are joining!

So so simple, but yet so effective.

What other ideas have you seen in the depth of a thread thats made you think, "that is so simple and obvious".
Best BR suggestions - pdc {P}
With the standard of driving exhibited on motorways do you really think that a double white line would stop someone? And if it did, as soon as the double white ended, the offenders would still leap over into lane 3!
Best BR suggestions - CM
IIRC in France they have the long white and sometimes continuous lines when coming to a junction. Don't think any one there takes the slightest notice.

Also think it would be a good idea where 3 lanes go down to 2, to stop people pulling out, from Lane 1 into Lane 2 when people need to be getting into Lane 2 from the disappearing Lane 3.

Good idea in principle but in practice.....
Best BR suggestions - Colin M
You only have to see the extent which white hatched areas are abused to see that it would be largely ignored. What we really need are more traffic police with an eye for bad driving and better standards of driver instruction/testing.

Best BR suggestions - pdc {P}
Aah, but white hatched areas can be entered if the bounding line is broken, not solid, and if it is safe to do so.

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