Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm on Discovery - Hugo {P}
Yes friends.... my Discovery again!

I need to get a Thatcham Cat 1 alarm fitted to satisfy the insurance company, after finding out that the alarm on there does not qualify.

Apparently I am required to have a VSIB certificate to prove this and my insurance want to see this. They have given me 7 days grace ie full cover without it so I can get it sorted.

I have no problem with this stipulation and I have budgeted for it. Infact it does deal with the lack of key fobs that I am faced with at the moment. I get two with the alarm plus two override keys.

Hence I phone around some independents and found them charging anything up to £350 to supply and fit

The best quote I had was £260 plus £25 for a driver\'s side central locking motor, so that all doors can be locked with the RC fob. Total £285 inclusive of VAT

The system I have been offered is a Laserline, which the chap claims has better build quality on the central unit than many of the others.

What are your views on this?


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Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm on Discovery - alan kearn

For a list of local alarm fitters
Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm on Discovery - nick
I recently had a Clifford Concept 300 fitted for around £350 by a local specialist, the same place the dealers go when they want them fitted. I did a bit of research and Clifford have a very good reputation, particularly amongst the Max Power types who need the best to protect those sound systems they have. It also has a life time guarantee on the main unit i.e. as long as you own the vehicle.
So far (6 months) it has been 100% reliable.
Hope this helps.
Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm on Discovery - nick
I forgot to add that the alarm I fitted was the cheapest that uses microwave detection inside the vehicle rather than ultrasonics. This is much less likely to give false alarms due to air movement inside the car or flies etc. All the very expensive alarms use microwaves I believe so I bought the cheapest of the better technology.
Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm on Discovery - Phoenicks
I've heard some not great things about Laserline. Quite cheap for a reason.

Also my brothers 'choice' friends have described Clifford as the hardest to get into.

If you're going to pay over £200 for an alarm you might as well get the best. Dont think of it as doing it to suit the insurance company. Do it to protect your car.

One good thing about Clifford alarms is that you have an add on that can start the car with the doors locked, so come winter set the heater to max the night before, go out 10mins before you set off and hey presto - one nice warm car.
Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm on Discovery - Hugo {P}
Interesting about the microwave technology...

This unit comes with a lifetime guarantee, however I need to get it checked out every year for £20. However, any problems are sorted once and for all.


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Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm on Discovery - nick
No need to get a Clifford checked, it's guaranteed and that's that.
Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm on Discovery - Blue {P}
Have had Laserline in the past and I wouldnt go near them again.

Currently using a Meta systems alarm which has been faultless. To keep the VSIB certificate up to date the system does need checking every 12 months.

Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm on Discovery - Altea Ego
My Mother had a laserline fitted in her clio. It was a shoal of fish (lot of carp) and had to be removed after two years. Didnt help it was fitted by a bunch of cowboys, but not impressed with the quality of the hardware.
I would suggest getting it fitted by someone who has been recomended to you, lot of problems caused by poor install.
Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm on Discovery - Hugo {P}
Thanks for the advice guys,

It seems that Laserline does not have the backroom vote of confidence here.

The local outfit that will be fitting apparently uses them in preference to Clifford, Cobra etc, because they say they have had hardly any problems with them, in comparison to the others. I have to say, out of all the companies I have contacted I felt that these guys were the most professional and helpful in the area. I got the feeling that I was speaking to a number of wideboys when I contacted some of the most commonly reccomended outfits.

However, he offered me the opportunity to compare that alarm with the others in terms of build quality...

Hey, but then I bought a discovery, so perhaps the alarm and the vehicle will go well together!

I shall probably get him to agree to swap it for another make if it causes problems.

On a side not I saw a 52 reg Hummer having an alarm fitted in Plymouth today. THAT was an awsome site. It was not quite as big as the huge US military vehicles, but a little bigger than the Range Rover. Reg HU52MER.


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