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Good buy or leave well alone? - Neil
I came across an advert yesterday for a '99 T, 28,000 miles Audi A6 2.8 Quattro Avant tipronic for what seemed like a ridiculously low price (a shade under £13k!). Reading the (trade) advert further revealed that the low price was as a result of an insurance job but there was no damage to the car.

So I phoned to find out more details and get the low down on why the car was being offered at this price. Having one previous owner the car had basically been parked in a car park which flooded in the deluges earlier this year. The water rose to the level of the seats but has now, so I was informed, thoroughly dried out and there is no evidence whatsoever of water damage ever occuring. The insurance company effectively replaced the car but have confirmed this story with the trader. The trader is currently driving the car around and aparrently all electrics etc. work fine. It has a full Audi service history with receipts and has the Audi warranty has been re-instated.

I am very keen to get an A6 Avant and am sorely tempted by this, but potentially what damage has the water done to the car in the short and long term?

If I did decide to pursue it would an RAC inspection be a good idea?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Re: Good buy or leave well alone? - David Woollard

I hope you won't de disapointed if there are a stack of "don't" replies. I have to be the first I'm afraid.

If you assume the water just came up to the seats think of all the bits that were immersed. Lower half of engine, transmision, driveshafts/joints, every suspension joint/bush, wheel bearings, ABS sensors/wiring, brake calipers, cats and so on through most of the mechanical parts.

It may have "dried out" for now but the longer term problems could come in a rush soon.

Even a moderate time in standing water does far more damage than years driving in rain.

I have owned/looked after after Land Rovers for years. They may be rugged 4x4s but you can tell one that has been driven in deep water frequently. Everything rusts in the brakes, the transmission oils are contaminated, wheel bearings fail early...and so it goes on.

But if it's cheap to you and you can't resist.......

Re: Good buy or leave well alone? - Stu
Speak to Audi. If they are willing to honour the 3years 60k warranty (or would even allow you to extend it) then it's got to be worth a gamble.........As Dave says you MAY experience all manner of major mechanical problems, but with Audi UK picking up the tab, It's not heart attack territory.
I think I know what Audi are going to say.......

Stuart ( A6 driver )

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