your thoughts on Rover 618 - sheerd
I have a chance of a Rover 618 1999 with full leather interior ,Air con, FSH. Mint condition but with 107,000 miles on the clock priced around £1800 (buying from my company) Do these cars stand up to high milage? Im really tempted but the milage is doing my head in!!! Ive had a couple of BMWs with this kind of milage but it never bothered me as people always say they can go round the clock if looked after. Any input would be much appreciated.


your thoughts on Rover 618 - king arthur
It's a Honda engine, and should be good for the miles if it's had regular oil changes. Listen for a noisy camshaft - if it sounds okay, buy it.
your thoughts on Rover 618 - MB
Assuming that these are mostly motorway miles - ask the current driver - and you like the car, it has to be a good buy. It should be good for another 50K without too many problems.
your thoughts on Rover 618 - sheerd
Cheers I think I may go with my gut feeling and go ahead and buy it! (Was a MDs car which was used mainly on the motorway, do motorway miles mean less damage than town use?)
your thoughts on Rover 618 - Hugo {P}
Motorway miles are better than round about town use.

However, you should ask to see the service history. If this is all up to date and genuine Rover, especially cam belt changes, you can't really go wrong at that price!

However, you may wish to change the cam belt yourself when you get it.


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your thoughts on Rover 618 - sheerd
Thanks for all your input, I am getting the car on loan today for a test run and to get it checked out, Ill let you know how I get on!.

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