Is there a better car? - Den
Is there a better built, comfier car than a T reg Peugeot 306 1.9 diesel 5 door h/back?
If so. What?
All suggestions welcomed.
Is there a better car? - Den
I meant "equivelant to" a Pug 306 D
Is there a better car? - lordwoody
I imagine that whatever the Japanese equivalent is ( Corolla, Civic?) would come into the better built category.
Is there a better car? - J Bonington Jagworth
But not more comfortable. You pays your money...
Is there a better car? - Den
Thanks for the reply and the correct spelling of "equivalent". Thought the word looked odd!

This is my third Peugeot; 2x306, 1x205 all diesel,and reliable.
Just thought that there might be a better model/make of car.
Is there a better car? - Al can\'t fixit
If you have got used to driving the Peugeots you are unlikely to be happy with anything else, in my experience.
The reliability of some of the quite old/incredible mileage Pugs takes some beating as long as they are well maintained & regularly serviced.

Is there a better car? - Al can\'t fixit
But don't forget to check the engine number before you buy:- make sure it's not from the batch that suffered conrod failures, see HJ's Car by car for details.
Is there a better car? - Vansboy
You'll find it difficult to beat my Maestro van.It does have the Montego style seats, with added side support.

& for added refinement, I've fitted the wood veneer door trims ex Meastro Vanden plas. Oh yes, plus the tinted door glass. & a gradient tint screen. & the carpets from MG Meastro, in bright red. &...

Sorry about this guys, but I'm quite serious, too!!

Should we start another thread about what alterations you've carried out on your vehicle!!

Is there a better car? - Den
Cars done 70k, regular oil/filter changes, cambelt due in 2k time, runs fine.
Last 306 D had to have expensive rear suspension bushes + front suspension bearings replaced about the 75k mark.
I was going to upgrade/change car before then, so thought "Try something else".
Reliability is priority!
Is there a better car? - J Bonington Jagworth
Elderly friend of mine who spent his professional life driving 50k/year bought a 306 shortly after they came out and pronounced it the best car he'd ever driven. He's unlikely to change...

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