X-Trail 2.2Di owners/ experts? - linac eng
I'm perhaps considering one of these. Can't seem to find anything bad written about them - any comments welcome.

Anybody know the answers to these questions?;

How are valve clearances maintained and what intervals do they need attention (if any) - E.g. Buckets/shims 100,000 Miles?

Is it a cable operated clutch or hydraulic.

Are routine maintenance parts easy to get at ,access to oil filter etc.

Prices for maintenance parts or visits to dealer for service work?

Average MPG of 39 quoted by most reviews - is this realistic - seems excellent for a soft roader to me!

Thanks in anticipation.
X-Trail 2.2Di owners/ experts? - Aprilia
Can't speak specifically about the X-Trail, but the Nissan 2.2Di is a good unit. Should prove very relaible if serviced properly.
Nissan service items are not too expensive (oil filter about £8, pollen filter £21, air filter about £12). Access is reasonable - comparable to any other similar engine really.
It will have a 3-year warranty, so it will have to be serviced by the dealer (Block Exemption changes not withstanding....)
X-Trail 2.2Di owners/ experts? - linac eng
Thanks for this Aprilia.

A further question for anyone out there - anybody know where the oil filter for the 2.2Di actually is? I had a look around one at the weekend and couldn't find it!


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