finally invented something useful. - chris watson
i have invented something which you put into the exhaust pipe, it has a sensor that feels air, so if you are at a motor auction, you put the device in the exhaust pipe, and when the car is driven into the arena, the device senses the air, and then starts making loud banging noises, i have bought a few VERY cheap cars thanks to this. (car makes banging noises, other punters think that the car has serious problems, so the car goes for next to nothing)
Re: finally invented something useful. - yddap
Venture Capital - Vin
"Senses air"? Send me your address; I'll invest in you.
Inventions. - David Woollard
Sorry already patented, it's called a potato.

We used it before you were born cw, to modify the start performance of teachers car's at the end of term.

Re: Inventions. - Andy Bairsto
Did you do that Dave, never,fun till you got caught do they still have detention.
I have invented a new computor programm it attaches itself to stupid emails
finds the sender and blows their computor up
Re: Inventions. - chris watson
i have heard of the potato trick but never used it, as the fumes from the exhaust would go back into the car, or do some serious damage to the engine. as for andy, P155 OFF.
Re: Inventions. - Darcy Kitchin
I am informed that if the auctioned car is fitted with the universal supercharger, Chris's device gets fired across the floor when the engine is gunned
Re: Inventions. - Alvin Booth
I'm with you again Chris..
A brilliant idea. I suppose the usual will happen.
We have genius inventors in this country and the Nips or the Yanks will seize upon your ideas and corner the market.
Don't let the luddites put you down Chris, keep coming up with them and ignore the jealous sniggers and snide comments.
I see you as a young Logie Baird.
best regards,
Re: Inventions. - chris watson
everyone once said that the car was a useless invention that would never catch on???
Re: Inventions. - Mike Harvey
I remember putting a potato on my Dad's morris minor exhaust, and it was hilarious. Couldn't work out how he knew it was me though, and stopped my pocket money. Fond memories. Lorries use the same principle though as an exhaust brake or retarder.

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