K10 Micra worry - sub_cold_junkie
I have a 92J Nissan Micra 1.0 (K10 series) with 130,000 miles on the clock and it's in a bad way. I'm currantly doing a mechanics Diploma at college and im wanting to try out my skills on this car. But i have seen that there is an asbestos warning in the bonnet and i don't want to go anywhere near it until i know where the asbesos is on the car. I have rang Nissan and they couldn't tell me where the asbestos is. I understand it could be one of three places perhaps. The clutch, brakes pads or the bulkhead. Could you please tell me where the asbestos is so i can crack on with sorting this car out? Any ideas? Thanks.
K10 Micra worry - Aprilia
Would *originally* have been in the friction materials of the clutch and brakepads. However, if it has done 130k then it is likely that none of these parts are original and new 'asbestos free' replacements will have been fitted. Asbestos has not been used in automotive friction materials since the mid 1990's (and before, in most instances).
To be on the safe side you may wish to vacuum away any old brake or clutch dust when working on these components. Use an old vacuum cleaner - not the one you use in the lounge!
K10 Micra worry - sub_cold_junkie
Thanx for that Aprilia!
But how much i know if these items have been replaced? I mean a clutch replacement seems a bit far fetched even for a 130K car. I don\'t have a vacuum that would be suitable would a rinse and wipe do the trick? It\'s just i want to be able to replace the brake pads and disc etc because they are very worn. If you could get back to me thanx!

Swearing edited out. No more, thank you. DD.
K10 Micra worry - Aprilia
I would think it highly unlikely that the car has original (asbestos-base) pads at 130k ! Get a can of brake cleaner to wash the brake dust off onto an old cloth with (I know a 'Pound Shop' what you can get a can for....£1 ! - otherwise try local factors). So long as you don't blow the dust around too much you'll be OK. My dad used to blow it off with an airline so most of the workshop was covered in a layer of the stuff.

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