Why do people do this? - Hugo {P}
I had a phone call about my car today.

Great, I thought.

Told them all about it, what they needed to know etc, answered all questions....

Seemed very polite over the phone. I thought "Good, a chap who doesn't seem to like messing people about".

He said he would have a chat with his wife and then probably go to the bank and get the money out in case he wanted to buy it, then call me back.

Well, obviously they decided not to come - don't have a problem about that...

I just wish people would do the courtesy of calling to let me know!

I waited around most of the afternoon for his call. What do these people think we do with our time?

If I am late for a meeting or cannot make an appointment, I phone ahead to let the other party know, I'm sure most people do the same, but when it comes to looking at 2nd hand cars etiquette apparently does not apply.

I don't think it's a measure of how nice people are, I just think that people believe different rules apply with private car sales.

Re advertised it next week in the Auto Trader - see what happens shall we?


"Forever indebted to experience of others"
Why do people do this? - DL
It's the sad reality of today's car buyers (mostly, anyway!)

Been on the receiving end myself, not funny at all.
Why do people do this? - FlumoxedFred
The crucial words are "have a chat with his wife". Obviously aforementioned "chat" did not go well and caller too embarrassed/angry/upset to phone you back and explain. Probably went down the pub to forget all about it.
Why do people do this? - Andrew-T
Fairly common I think, Hugo. It's hard enough getting worthwhile calls about a car, but a lot easier than getting people to see it.
Why do people do this? - king arthur

Did this expression of intent to chat with wife and call you back come soon after you divulged information about the car such as the mileage or number of previous owners? A bit of advice for future reference - whenever someone tells you that they will "talk to the wife" or "think about it", don't expect to hear from them again - it's just a way of getting off the phone without actually saying "Sorry, I don't think your car is the one I'm looking for". I don't know why people do it.

Another one is, people who dial 141 before calling you, probably won't buy your car. Or if they ask you too many questions, or if they ask if it is okay to come and see the car tomorrow/the day after/anything other than immediately. These people will never turn up.

The only time you know your car is going to sell to a caller is when they phone you up and ask you very directly, three questions. 1) Have you still got the car? 2) Is it okay to come and see it now? 3) What's your address? When you hear those three questions and nothing else, you know that when they turn up they will buy it. (That's assuming that your advert described the car properly and you've presented it properly - by that I mean cleaning it, polishing it, vacuuming it, making sure it drives right, etc.)
Why do people do this? - Hugo {P}
King Arthur

To my complete surprise, I got a phone call at 8.55pm from afore mentioned chap.

Apparently, he's coming to look at the car tomorrow. He tells me he and his wife are very keen on it from the description I gave. He's even bringing cash with him, and I have his phone number.

I described the condition accurately this afternoon when he previously phoned, even down to the small dents in the roof area where the roof bars had pressed down too much on the roof. I thought this may have put him off a bit a first.

To be fair to him , he did not explicitely state he would be coming this afternoon, it's just that part of the conversation suggested times he may get to me if he left at XX o clock.

Well I haven't made the sale yet so no chicken counting before the event eh?

As far as cleaning and polishing. Inside is clean, the outside needs a wash etc and a bit of polish. Having it parked on the main road doesn't help, so I've adopted the approach of washing the outside hours, rather than days before a viewing.

Fingers cross - wish me luck!


"Forever indebted to experience of others"
Why do people do this? - Hugo {P}
Well, this morning I got up at the crack of dawn and took car to jetwash - I'd forgotten how useless these things are!

Then cleaned inside out, though it was fairly clean anyway.

Then decided to try some t cut on the lower panel areas as there was a lot of muck from the roads here. If you've ever tried using this stuff in the rain you will know how futile this can be!

Got 80% of the grime off and left it there. A spot of shampoo on the boot carpet and then lifted up the rear seats just to check URGH!

Complete treatment under here shampoo clean seat bases etc.

Couple turned up at just before 12 and were delighted with it.

Took the wife for a test drive - Ahem! He stayed behind to look after their toddler

Listed known faults, experiences with the car. Topped up coolent. Showed them all the bells and whisles.

Asking £695 - got £600 (price alreasy discussed on the phone)

A RESULT my friends!


"Forever indebted to experience of others"
Why do people do this? - Vagelis
Well done Hugo!!
Why do people do this? - Marcos{P}
Did you apologise to him about this posting?
Why do people do this? - Altea Ego
Oh dear Hugo,

does that mean you have to rely on the Disco for transport?

Why do people do this? - Phil I
Sorry Hugh - should have read this post first.
Why do people do this? - Nsar
On the flip side, when I bought my current car off a bloke in Warrington, I did the deal and then he explained that someone else was due to see it that afternoon who was coming from Edinburgh, but he didn't have a mobile for him to warn him the car wouldn't be there....
Why do people do this? - Hugo {P}
Oh dear Hugo,
does that mean you have to rely on the Disco for

Yeah, fraid so RF,

Well I could use my RENAULT van....

Nah Disco any day mate!


"Forever indebted to experience of others"
Why do people do this? - Hugo {P}
Did you apologise to him about this posting?

Nope, just said it was nice to do business with him.

Besides, my frustration really stems from other experiences in truth.


"Forever indebted to experience of others"

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