Xantia HDi90/110 - PhilW
Two questions for you, my learned friends!
1. Friend who has knackered old TD Xantia (turbo gone + other things - in other words, repair would cost more than it is worth)wants to buy a 110hp HDi. Asked me how you tell it from a 90. I said by the intercooler piping under the bonnet. But what if you don't open the bonnet? I suggested that only the LX models might be 90 HP and the SX, VSX would be 110HP but am I right? So, how can you tell if they are 90 or 110?
2. He also has a ZX TD which has a knackered gearbox. I suggested that maybe before scrapping the Xantia he should use the gearbox from it a bung it on the ZX - but is that possible? Both are P reg - Xantia has done over 170 K miles and not had anything spent on it (not sure he has even ever changed the oil which probably accounts for the turbo bearings going!) He would like to retain the ZX for his son to learn to drive in but doesn't really want to spend a fortune on repairing the gearbox.
Thanks in advance
Xantia HDi90/110 - Altea Ego
Did i get this right, the guy wants to buy a second hand car without opening the bonnet?

Xantia HDi90/110 - PhilW
No! Perhaps I didn't explain that very well! It was just the way the conversation developed! But, as an aside, and never even having been to one, would you get the chance to open bonnet etc at an auction? Or would you just have to take someone's word? Just wondered if there was an easy way of telling or whether the 90 was restricted to certain models. Can you get a VSX with a 90 engine?
Xantia HDi90/110 - Hugo {P}
I would have thought that changing the box onto the ZX before he scraps the Xantia would be a good move, if this is possible.

I wouldn't know for sure but a Citroen Specialist would be able to put him right I'm sure.

If he's after a cheap VSX and is not insistant on a diesel, I've got a good 73000 mile petrol 2.0 VSX I need to sell L reg @ £695 - see classifieds.

Xantia HDi90/110 - M.M
The 90 and 110 were both available in LX, SX and some special edition models. Best way to see is to pop the bonnet and look for the intercooler pipes.

I have a mate who used a ZX box to repair a Xantia. I'm sure they will go the other way OK. They certainly use the same clutch. Bear in mind the finer points like gearing and speedo reading may be out a little even if it otherwise bolts up OK.

Xantia HDi90/110 - DL
On Peugeot models, the VIN gives the info as to what engine is fitted. It's quite simple.

From memory, a Peugeot VIN reads something like this :- VF38CRHYD321674452

The sixth digit is the first letter of the engine code - in this case, RHY - which, if my memory serves me correctly, is a 110 HDi unit.

This is how I deduce what engine a particular Peugeot has; it's a shame other OEM's can't do similar......
Xantia HDi90/110 - Ben79
Citroen do the same with the VINs, I cannot remember what the codes are though.

The easiest way to tell the difference between the 90 and 110 is to look for the intercooler radiator and pipework.

The 110 sometimes sounds rougher than the 90 at around 1700-2000 rpm when under higher load. This is normal and has been reported widely.

They are both nice engines.
On my 3rd Citroen. Saxo, Xsara, C5.
Xantia HDi90/110 - PhilW
Thanks for the replies - as I thought, popping the bonnet is the easiest way!
Hugo, I'm afraid it is an HDi he is after, but thanks for the offer - hope you get a non time-waster soon!
Xantia HDi90/110 - neil
VINs... Y is 90, Z is 110


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