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during a nostalgic moment the other night,my friends and myself were discussing all the old cars we used to own,one chap who has had hundreds can still recall them all by their number plates,which prompted me to recall my fathers old hillman super minx which he had in the late 60's. this old banger ended its life on the council tip, but i was wondering what the reg plate would have been worth today,(in those days plate transfer/selling was virtually unheard of)it was RAF 633,any body care to comment?.
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Have a play with the Number Plate search facility on the right hand side of the site home page.

633 & RAF might have had appeal to members of a certain squadron.....
number plates - billy25
yes dodger, i was thinking along those lines in retrospect,was it the dambuster squadron? will have a play as you suggest.
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The Dam Busters were 617 Squadron flying Lancasters and based at Scampton (5 miles north of Lincoln).

633 Squadron was a fictitious Squadron made up for the film "633 Squadron" who flew De Havaland Mosquitos. I think it was Cliff Robertson in the leading role.

However, the number (plate) would have been keenly sought after by RAF types and film buffs... (I seem to be both...)

John R

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