Rattle in Passat rear - Halmer
Wife thinks I'm obsessed but I've got a spasmodic rattle coming from the rear/boot somewhere which is driving me mad. I just can't locate it. Neighbours think that I am mad when I keep thumping the interior. I just can't locate it.

Can anyone help please?
Rattle in Passat rear - flatfour
I hate this! cars drive me mad as well, my boss used to tell me i was paranoid, the wife used to dissapear indoors and the neighbour just used to pass me beers.
Try the spare wheel, jack and tools, mine worked loose and drove me mad. Next it was my safefty helmet, then an empty water bottle. I hate cars! i thought the thing was going to fall apart,it did, but not where it rattled.
Rattle in Passat rear - Halmer
Spent another two hours thumping various parts of the car interior last night.

I think that it is coming from inside the back of the rear seat as it makes a similar noise when I hit it with the palm of my hand.

Don't know whether I can do much about it though. It sounds like two pieces of thin metal knocking against each other.

I'll probably end up Stanley knifing the velour in a temper!

Can I claim this under warranty or will they think that I am puddled?
Rattle in Passat rear - Aprilia
I know what you mean.
My Nissan QX is an extremely quiet car - you can barely hear the engine even at high cruising speeds, and there is little wind or road noise. However I have a faint 'tapping' which I hear about once every 10-20 minutes. It happens when I brake or accelerate (but not on a bumpy road surface!). Comes from my right-hand-side somewhere. I thought maybe it was the power antenna moving slightly back and forth - but its not.
My wife never hears it and thinks I'm bonkers, but I find it very annoying. The snag with these things is that you only hear them very occassionally and it is impossible to reporduce in the driveway.
I even had my son lying across the back of the car. He heard it once or twice but couldn't locate it. I actually wish it would get worse so that I could find out what it is!

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