honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - billy25
afternoon all,
this is my first post so please excuse any small lapses in protocol;

i have a 2.2vtech prelude auto, which has 86000kms on the clock, i have had it 5yrs and until now never had a single fault with it.the problem that is starting to appear is, even when the car has been running all day, if i stop at a petrol station,fill-up,and go to the cash point to pay for the petrol,and buy a bag of sweets,when i try to re-start it,the engine will spin over but not fire,this ia often accompanied by the car giving what i can only describe as a "small jump" and the sports-mode indicater light on the dashboard starts flashing.the car will always start again after 2-5mins once this light has stopped flashing, it is only happening once in a blue-moon at the moment, but i would like to get it seen to as soon as poss.
thanks for any help/suggestions offered.

an old chap at my local said he once had this problem with the donkeys he used to work with in spain,and when they stopped and refused to go again he used to stand a yard in front of them and temp them with something tasty, hence the bags of sweets i bought,but alas to say this "folk-lure" remedy didn't work either. :-(
honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
I make a point of avoiding grey imports but the fuel pump relay is a strong contender. Should be located above your right knee. Another possibility is heat soaking into the distributor and causing one of the three sensors inside to go temporarily awol.
Finding the fault is not going to be easy until you can get it to do it to order

Simplicate and add lightness!!
honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - mike hannon
Hi Billy, welcome to the world of the back room...
Sorry the sweeties didn't work
I have an Accord coupe auto and I seem to remember reading in the handbook that the sport mode light has a dual function - it flashes to indicate a transmission fault
the book says consult your dealer...
If you live not too far from Taunton I can recommend an independent Honda expert (once a main dealer, like so many)
Good luck...
honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - billy25
thanks andrew,
will definitely get the fuel relay checked just in case it's dodgy,it was something i hadn't thought about as a cause.

cheers mike,
i was looking through my handbook, but didn't get far as i don't read japanese!, however it's useful to know that the light indicates a transmission fault, cos i was picking our local (FORD)mechanics brain last night,at the local,and he reckons it could be retaining pressure on the autobox valves,due to the gearbox/torque converter filter/strainer requiring changing/ glad to hear if anyone agrees.
i live in cumbria, and the nearest honda dealer is 54 miles away! but our local (ford) garage isn't too bad,and quite reasonable on price,so it's likely they'll get the job if it's too big for me.
thanks both.
honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - mike hannon
Hi again
I was pondering this one again last night (but too late to post) in the light of what I realised was 37 years of owning various two and four-wheel Hondas - from sports bikes to the superlative Legend coupe - and I decided that you probably shouldn't be worrying too much. A change of fluid and filter is exactly what I would recommend, as well as checking and cleaning any electrical connectors from the transmission you can find.
I think one should read 'warning' lamp very often as 'worry' lamp in the light of today's impressive but not always reliable technology. I well remember that, after about a year's excellent motoring with the Legend - already ten years old when we bought it! - one morning quite out of the blue the ABS warning light came on. Resisting panic, I followed the handbook instructions and switched off the engine then started it again. The light went out straight away and in another 60,000 miles it never came on again except when it was supposed to! I've pondered that one a bit too...
honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - billy25
phew!! thanks again mike, thats exactly what i'll do then!.been reading various threads on this site regarding auto boxes,and even though i'm sat here i can almost feel the gearchanges starting to slur!!funny how the mind imagines the worst!.
thanks for your help.

honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - Taters
If you still having problems check out the below link it has an online Honda Service manual for the prelude. As Haynes didnt do one this well handy
honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - T Lucas
I have had 1 Prelude that wouuld not go,similar symptoms to your car and it was the distributor that needed replacing.The 2nd hand part supplier said it was quite common,but he would say that.
honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - billy25
hi all,
spent about 15 mins typing an in-depth..ish update on this problem, but it doesn't appear to have posted!! so i'll just put a simple post on for now.(apologies if it re-appears later)

thanks to taters,
i've made a note of the site you recommended, will visit it later today as it's bedtime now!.could prove to be quite useful in the future.

thanks to t.lucas,for his info.
had the car in the garage last week, mechanic changed and flushed autobox fluid, said strainer was absolutely clogged with thick gunge. also visually checked distributor for cracks, said all o.k. didn't check any relays or sensors. car now runs and changes gear a lot smoother and free-er,(didn't notice before just how sluggish and notchy it had become over the years with driving it everyday) until i drove it after the fluid change!. problem appears to have been welland truly fettled now,as hasn't happened since.

thanks to all for your advice.


anybody seen my later post about prob with door mirror?
any help appreciated.
honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - zedstar

I've got the exact same car, and was experiencing the same problem too!

Mine ended being the distibutor, which I got replaced and it's been working like a dream now. Honda quoted me £290 +vat!! Eventually found a re-conditioned one for £100, job done.

Fingers crossed, you don't get have any further issues, but if you do bear the distributor in mind.

honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - billy25
thanks zedstar,
quite a few posters on this thread, have mentioned the distributor,which is now top-of-the-list if the problem ever re-occours,(hasn't yet touch-wood). the fluid change really has changed both the "feel" and performance of the car, but as yet i'm keeping an open mind as to the real culprit cause of the problem, the fluid change seems to have fettled it,although the real gremlin in the works *still* may still be lurking.

honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - pete2003
I have the same car as you, and have also experienced this problem. I just swith the ignition off, wait patiently for a few mins, then try again. It always starts after a wait. It was doing this last year, but touch wood, it seems to have fixed itself. I'm selling the car now, so if you know anyone that mich be interested....
honda prelude 2.2vtech (import) - billy25
hi pete,
what on earth could you be replacing it with?.....only a newer r-type surely! (see captain zippy's thread on his spec's)


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