Puegeot Anti Freeze - Peter D
Peugeot insist their Antifreeze/anti corrosion is the business but I am informed it is made by Castrol. Is this true and what part number/ID does it have Regards Peter
Puegeot Anti Freeze - doctorchris
Just use the pink stuff that Halfords sell. Meant to be good for 5 years and a more less boring colour than all that blue or green stuff.
Puegeot Anti Freeze - hm
Pug dealer are just robbing you. Go down your local shop or halford and buy a middle of the range brand.

I would suggest however that you check she has anti rust etc..
Puegeot Anti Freeze - DL
GSF have some good value pink stuff, that's what I use.
Puegeot Anti Freeze - DL
I expect it is made by TOTAL.......I might be wrong, though.
Puegeot Anti Freeze - eMBe {P}
>>Peugeot insist their Antifreeze/anti corrosion is the business ...>>

Check out HJ's FAQs - Q33 tells you all you need to know.

As for the other answers given in reply to you, ask the contributors for their qualifications.

Note: Aprilia is someone who HJ trusts enough to use on his FAQs.

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