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Although not at the end of my pcp agreement I was thinking about how the condition may effect it's value - is the final figure really guaranteed or can it be reduced for items other than fair wear and tear - any experience of Mercedes attitudes appreciated.
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I can only speak for Ford and Rover (having worked for both on the finance side).

Fair wear and tear is acceptable. Damage is not and is chargeable. Wheel trims are a good example, as are dents / windscreen chips / interior scuffs and tears.

Minor dings are normally ok, but anything where the material of the car has been damaged by a single incident or excessive repetition of an incident will result in bills.

If you have problems with the interior, ring around a few dealers and ask who they use to repair seats/trim etc. You can get a driver's seat refinished in the original fabric for about £40 for the squab and £50 for the seat-back if you shop round. My Alfa had tears in on e of the seats when I first viewed it and it was repaired for pennies prior to collection.

For exterior, wheeltrims can be had for very little at breakers yards and windscreens can usually be repaired without impacting on your NCD through your insurance. Alloys wheels can be "rescued" for about £60 per rim.

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when my car ent back I washed and polished, nice looking motor, the guy who picked it up and gave it a clean bill of health though it had been well looked after, just ticked all the boxes and away it went. My mate returned his dirty, the guy went round with a tooth comb, his car was in better nick than mine £1500 excess charge for a scratch here, slight dint there, didn't think he'd looked after the vehicle very well.
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Although not quite the same as PCP, SWMBO has a Pug 206 through the Motability scheme. It recently went in for its 2 year service and was given the annual "Motability Check" which basically a once-over for scratches, dents, bashed wheel trims etc.

They highlighted the wheeltrims as being a cause for concern. When I saw this I was surprised and had a look myself. After taking a wet rag to them, they came up as good as new.

How many Motability users get ripped off for new wheeltrims come the end of the rental period I wonder? Where else can you get 206 wheeltrims other than a main dealer or multi-storey car park after dark? We're going photograph the wheeltrims and send them to Motability with a copy of the report from the Peugeot dealer and see what they say....

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