V6 4Motion Golf - mattblack
My company has offered me my car that I\'ve had from new for £8,500. It\'s a motorpoint car 2001 X 5 dr, full spec with leather & cd changer, climatronic etc..Do you think it\'s good value? It has covered 105,000 m/way miles but still feels & drives as new. Should I buy it?
V6 4Motion Golf - Jase
I think this is a good deal for a Golf V6 4Motion, even allowing for its high mileage in its short life. (You must have ploughed up and down the motorway which is a gentle way of racking up miles). Also, you know its history, which is comforting and just in case its got anything wrong, it has a bit of warranty left, so plenty of plus points.

Your wallet might not like insurance and fuel costs for this model but seeing as the purchase price is good, this is a fair trade off.

You'll not get into anything posher for this amount of dosh me thinks.

V6 4Motion Golf - Phil G
Yes, that does sound like good value for what is a great car. Just make sure you can afford to run it when you are paying the bills!

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