Avensis Diesel - Jes
I've just taken delivery of a new Toyota Avensis T3-x Diesel as my new company car. So far (2 days) I'm very pleased with it (changed from a VW Passat TDI Sport - 115bhp), but am looking for advice on the following:

1. What is the best way to run the car in? Do I need to run it in? Looking to get good mpg and reasonable performance in the long run.

2. The fuel guage looks to be a bit eratic - doesn't move for ages, then drops very quickly. The VW guage was always rock steady and very reliable.

3. Is there a way to reset the 'average mpg' on the computer? So far I can only work out that it resets itself when I refuel the car.

So far I've covered 300 miles in the car and although it doesn't perform like my old VW, it is a nice drive with great build quality.

Avensis Diesel - peterb
Mk1 Avensis fuel guage was exactly the same.
Avensis Diesel - blank
The fuel guage on the Yaris I have on loan at the moment is ridiculous. The car has a fuel computer with a range feature too. The fuel guage looks like a series of LED's and reads full until the range is down to about 90 miles before it drops!! Mad.

For running in the diesel see Honest John's FAQ's for some sensible advice.


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