2.3 turbo Torque increase - Volvo 940 - Predictable Bob
When I resolve my clutch problems I want to increase the torque on my 2.3 SE Turbo in order to improve it\'s towing ability.

Do I have any options other than \'chipping\' it ?

Which companies provide the best solutions ?

Ta !


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2.3 turbo Torque increase - mark999
I can reccomend Upsolute for chipping I have had a Merc V-Class
and VW Caravelle 'chipped' with excellent results.
Their Agent Simon Coe will even visit you at home and invole you in the whole process.
Expect a cost of ~£320.
2.3 turbo Torque increase - Garethj
On my old Saab 900 turbo I could wind open the wastegate nut with a 17mm spanner. There wasn't much difference as I accelerated in forst gear, floored it in second and it started to wheelspin at about 35mph.

I wound it straight back in. Cheap, but not very controlled.

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