Service History "prints" - jammods
Can anybody explain to me what is meant by full dealer service history print outs?, I have often seen this when looking at used cars particularly ex company/lease vehicles. It has always been my understanding that there is a service book for each vehicle which should be stamped rather than just a print out.

Thanks in advance

Service History "prints" - flatfour
I have only experienced this with ex.fleet cars, although if the vehicle has been fully serviced by a main dealer, many can print out full details of all the work done on each vehicle.
Service History "prints" - Vansboy
Sometimes the actual 'service book' doesn't get stamped, on some vehicles, but get sold with a computer print out. This potentially helps dodgy dealers, looking to falsify records & mileages.

Depending on the efficiency of the fleet operator, you can get some first class service histories, listing actual cost per mile, compared to its projected figure, depth of tread on the old tyres, prior to new ones being fitted, right down to the last light bulb.Any accident repairs, listed too.

Others may just say 'service' at so many miles. The worst ones have loads of info, but in their own, in-house, abbreviated code, meaning nothing to future owners.

Always worth reading through, before purchase, if you can. We've even LOST sales to customers, thinking a vehicle had too many sets of brake pads, so read between the lines, too!!

Service History "prints" - Andrew-T
I have once or twice asked for a printout of a car's history to back up the stamps in the book, and to get more details such as parts used, missing mileages etc. A franchised dealer should do this willingly.

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