orange warning lights - marman
An interesting happening this afternoon one tractor pulling a trailer full of straw twice the height as the tractor on a dual carriageway, no warning light on the back but a whirly orange on the front (not seen from behind) and about six driving lights on the front. A mile further on a tractor pulling an empty trailer higher than the tractor same lighting arrangement. now I thought it was a legal requirement to have an orange flashing light visible on a slow moving vehicle on all dual carriageways. But they are not much use just being seen on the front and not the back especially on a dual carriageway. It is hardly little use to drivers approaching them on a single carriageway anyway. So if any tractor/JCB drivers (as the mechanical arms usually obscure the lights on JCBs) are reading this it's the lights at the back what count!!
Re: orange warning lights - sam
actually only legal flashing lights on moving vehicles are blue - emerg services and green - doctors

yellow ones are only legal on stationary vehicles

i know this is widely disregarded but thats the law
Re: orange warning lights - Marman
Brian you are wrong -- Quote from Highway Code follows

"200. Vehicles with flashing amber lights. These warn of a slow-moving vehicle (such as a road gritter or recovery vehicle) or a vehicle which has broken down, so approach with caution. "

I doubt if the Highway Code although it is not the law would tell somebody to do something illegal.
Orange warning lights - David Lacey
Yes, this a common phenomenom seen here in the South West.

JCB's between sites are just as guilty (due to the position of the rear boom) as large hay trailers with obscured lights on the cab roof, are.

It will just be a question of time before the unthinkable happens, or has it?

A slow moving tractor/JCB on the nearby A361 dual carraigeway is very dangerous.


Re: Orange warning lights - Dave M
dave the unthinkable did happen a few years ago i think resulting in death of a hilux driver in early morning mist on the a38 its made not a jot of difference to farmers attitudes but u cant expect farmers to adhere to flashing light laws when they are so obviously above the law can anyone tell me the last farm trailer seen with a number plate?
Re: Orange warning lights - Brian
I must admit that I was not aware of that, I thought that yellow flashing lights were for slow-moving OR stationary vehicles.
You live and learn.
Orange warning lights and tractors. - David Woollard

You were right Brian. Highway Code states an amber flashing lamp warns of a slow moving or broken down vehicle.

I use a tractor with such a beacon (not a farmer as regulars will know) and feel quite unprotected if the bulb has gone. I switch it on as I join the highway and off only as I leave it, even on a sunny day. The lamp is on a mag base and flexy lead so no excuses for having it obscured.

There are no number plates on my trailers, as there are no number plates on any implement I tow. If this is breaking the law I'm in good company with some fellows who have far more resources than I do for a plate/trailer board on every outfit. I would be more than interested to see any actual Gov info on this. If I was wrong I'd sort it. Unusually for a thirty year old tractor mine is insured, displays RFL (free), has a horn, all lights and even a wiper.

I feel quite aggravated when a monster £35,000 tractor/trailer outfit shoots past me in the half light with the beacon off, no lights on and the trailer rear reflector plates covered with mud. Perhaps they are just trialling forum advice on camera avoidance.

Re: Orange warning lights and tractors. - Ash Phillips
Isn't it a requirement if the vehicle has a max speed of less than 40 mph and is on a public highway?
Re: orange warning lights - Dwight Van-Driver
Sam is wrong that only Police (blue) Docs(green) can use flashing lights.
Road Vehicles Lighting Regs 1989
Reg 11 (2) (f) An amber light from a warning beacon can be used on a motor vehicle with max speed not exceeding 25 mph or on any trailer drawn by such a vehicle.
Reg 16 No person shall use, cause or permit on an unrestricted dual carriageway road any motor vehicle having a max speed not exceeding 25 mph unless it or any trailer drawn is fitted with at least one warning beacon showing an amber light and which complies with Schedule 16 as to fixing and visibility.
Does not apply to vehicles first used before 1.1.1947 or when crossing a dual carriageway in the quickest manner possible.
Thought this was all brought in to cater from the increasing number of bumps with slow moving tractors way back in the eighties (last century).
Re: orange warning lights - fred smith

i thought the reason the police vans with speed cameras in the back had amber lights was "beacause they never need the light on when they are moving" ie its a light for a staitionary vehicle only

isnt far and away the most dangerous thing the widespread roadworks up and down the land with NO LIGHTS AT NIGHT, seems councils and their contractors get away with this all of the time, and no doubt contribute to countless accidents...
Re: orange warning lights - Brian
Now I really am confused.
Davis Woollard says I am right.
You say I am wrong.
But both of you seem to be agreeing with each other that yellow flashing lights may be on either stationary or slow moving vehicles.
Or have I mis-read something somewhere?.

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