Cherished Plate Valuation - Bromptonaut
MoL has had to give up driving and has put her cherished plate - LOV21 - on retention. Worried that renewal of retention will be overlooked and plate which has been in family since issue in Brum c1951 lost. Would like to put it on wife's car but need a valuation so we are clear with her siblings. Neither of them could use it as one resident in RoI and other does not drive.

Can anyone suggest a source for a written valuation, or venture a guess as to the value.

Thanks in anticipation.
Cherished Plate Valuation - bernie
No answer I know,but as the old maxim goes,it's worth what somebody will pay,especially something like this intangible "asset"
Cherished Plate Valuation - M.M

As you may guess the difference between the quoted prices on any dealer list and the reality of a sale price for you can be miles apart.

And as has been said above it is worth whatever someone will give you on the day.

I would say it's worth nothing like £10,000 and a good deal more than £1,000.

Where it falls between these limits on the day is anyone's guess. It just depends how many dating agency owners want it!!

But having recently helped a contact establish a "true" value for a broadly similar number I'd say nearer £2,500-£3,500.


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