mazda 6 gearchange - david-b
My ts2 diesel estate 9000 miles from new has a frequently rough gear change from first to second and aglitch(grate) in the middle of the gate from second to third present from new and improving only slightly.Anyone had similar?Should i reasonably expect the dealer to fix this?
Car otherwise excellent -rattle free with brilliant ride,handling,engine refinement steering and braking particularly .Engine not as flexible as some however so take a careful test drive if you like to accelerate out of roundabouts in third or from 50(as opposed to 60) in top on the motorway!oh and fuel consumption rather less than VAG tdi"s(less than 40 mixed-my old A4 90 consistently 46to 48 even at 167,000 miles!)
mazda 6 gearchange - GreenAvensis

This may be unconnected, but the otherwise-excellent manual gearbox fitted to various older Mazdas (e.g. 1996 1.6 323F) had a known problem with 1st-2nd being a bit crunchy while cold. Some were worse than others. Once warmed up, the change should be smooth between all gears.

Would be interesting to floor the clutch for all gear changes to prove you're pressing it far enough. If it still persists, go back to the dealer and show them the fault.
mazda 6 gearchange - ka razy
Hi david,had this problem with a new Suzuki,(2000 miles).The dealer I bought it from said it was normal,however went to another dealer who agreed it wasn't the way it should be,they changed the gearbox oil to a synthethic type,it is now totally transformed..The second garage did state that most gear change problems dont improve with time...
mazda 6 gearchange - david-b
thanks ka razy-thats a couple of useful points i can bring forward.only had one worse change i can think of... a reliant regal 30 years ago!!!
mazda 6 gearchange - david-b
hi greenAvensis,
the problem persists whatever,but thanks for your views.shall try the dealer.
mazda 6 gearchange - MarkL

Yes, I think you should go back to the dealer and they should fix the problem. Forgot to point out that my old Mazda originally suffered from a similar problem even when warmed up, which turned out to be a fault with the synchromesh on 2nd gear. This was fixed by Mazda under warranty, and my car was 2nd hand. So, you shouldn't have any problems getting it fixed on a new car. Mazda certainly used to provide very good dealer service.

Email back to say how you get on!



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