Best Insurance Quote for no Effort!! - Epic 80
I did post this as a reply the other day, but it\'s so good, it\'s worth it\'s own thread...

I found a brilliant site the other day:

here you only enter your details once, and the site goes away to all the big name cpmpanies like AXA, churchill,
AA etc. Saved over £100 on my Polo\'s cover!! (This was 25% cheaper!)

Warning: because the site goes away to all the other websites, it does take a while to come back with all the quotes. Well worth it for my saving anyway!
Best Insurance Quote for no Effort!! - JohnX
Good site.I was previously using the insurance quotation, but this seems to be better since it includes companies like tesco which have not chosen to participate in the quotations on the site.
Thanks for the info.
Best Insurance Quote for no Effort!! - Jono_99
Aggree - an impressive site and not too slow.

Interestingly, I put my details in as for my present policy, and it came back with nothing to match what I currently have, including from present provider!? Not sure how that works, but if I were to use it, I would follow up suggested insurers from the site with a call to see what they came up with. If it were worse than their quote from the site, either ask them to match it or go back to the site. Clearly there is quite a bit of flexibility in what companies can do, which is possible on the phone, but less so on the internet

Best Insurance Quote for no Effort!! - Chris M
The site's OK if you base your buying decision just on price. It takes ages to check out what you are getting for your money though. Excesses, courtesy cars, breakdown cover, European cover ........

Chris M
Best Insurance Quote for no Effort!! - martint123
Why no questions about claims history, points etc.... asked for them.



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