vectra cam belt ! ecu light on ! - delboy1273
my brother in laws cam belt snapped on his vectra 1.8 16v DOHC w-reg luckily he was only doing 20 mph took the head off to discover 6 valves bent 4-exhaust 2-inlet replaced these and replaced head and new cambelt and rollers etc started fine took it for a drive but its reluctant a lower speeds and the engine management light comes on any ideas people could i have the valve timing a tooth out? or could it be cambelt tension?
vectra cam belt ! ecu light on ! - rileyrm
Again as with the Corsa after your message, do the paperclip test and see why the light coming on. In a few seconds you should have a clue.

vectra cam belt ! ecu light on ! - M.M

The Tune-Up boys are better on these but....

I guess the light is trying to tell you the camshaft and crankshaft sensors are giving conflicting inputs to the ECU.

This could be either a loose timimng belt or that it's incorrectly you say.

However the last one of these engines I dealt with after a snapped belt had done something unusual...the flailing belt had caught on the camshaft drive wheel and broken off the "lug" that gives the signal to the cam sensor.

Long shot but might yours be the same.

vectra cam belt ! ecu light on ! - DL
One of the 'characteristics' of the 16v Ecotec engine I'm afraid.....

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