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Thought people might like to know that I was at Carrefour (big hypermarket) in Nice (S. France) last week and picked up their special offer of 7 litres of fully synthetic 5W50 oil for petrol or diesel engines, costing 22.25 euros (= £15.50 approx.). You may like to check to see if this is available in other branches of Carrefour.
Cheap engine oil - eMBe {P}
>>.. fully synthetic 5W50 oil for petrol or diesel engines, ..>>

5W50 ? ?

Who recommends that for which make of car?
Cheap engine oil - FP
Hm... I think I see where you're heading on this one. You normally expect to find 5W40, right?

I'm no technical expert. All I can say is that the label on the side of the container says the oil is for all petrol and diesel engines, including multivalve and turbo and mentions specifically TD, TDi and HDi. A chart comparing the performance of the product against 10W40, 15W40 and 20W40/50 oils claims it is superior. By implication it seems to say it is to be used in place of these other oils. It claims the 5W50 meets API SJ/CF and ACEA A3-98/B3-98 criteria.

Am I being naive in believing an organisation the size of Carrefour could not afford to get itself in a mess over this by giving misleading information?
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The bigger the orgn, the more it can afford a mess [Equitable Life, Lloyds ins, LloydsTSB, Railtrack ......]
Cheap engine oil - Vagelis
As with everything, you get what you pay for.

Cheap engine oil - Sooty Tailpipes
I just picked up another 4 x 5 litre packs of Vauxhall branded Delphi 5W40 Fully Synthetic oil for £41 inc. VAT. with a trade card that costs me £20 (club membership fees)

The RRP is £27/ 5 lites so that's £108 full price.

5w50 is a bit thick for most applications.
Cheap engine oil - st1
If 'TDi' means Volkswagen Audi Group's PD TDi engines, then the oil should also state the relevant VW spec, eg 505 01 or 506 01. I believe the difference between 505 and 506 is that 506 is the 'long-life' oil (20,000 miles?? personally, not going to risk leaving it that long).

If the oil doesn't state the VW spec then be warned....there a plenty of threads on where backroomers advise only using oil with these specs in the PD engines.

Millers XFE-PD satsifies VW 505 01, I believe. But not all Millers stockists stock it. In fact, after a real trawl, I recently found one that does and I'll be stocking up!

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