Mondeo washers - BobbyG
I have just been given the use of a V Reg Mondeo Ghia. Problem is windscreen washers - it would appear that a pipe has came adrift somewhere - every time I press the washers, the water comes leaking out the bottom of the car, just under where the bottle is.

Is this an easy fix - at first glance I couldn't see how to access the bottle?

Any help would be appreciated.
Mondeo washers - ajsdoc
This happened to me - common problem apparantley. The pipe comes off the water bottle. To get to it you need to take the front wheel off (driver's side) and remove the arch liner (5 or 6 screws). You can then (with some difficulty) reach up and reattach the pipe to the bottle. I've seen (probably on here) that some people put a cable tie on to try to prevent it coming off again - that said I replaced mine about a year ago without a tie and it is still in place.

Hope that helps,

Mondeo washers - FatDogMendoza
If you have thin arms you can reach down under the resevoir and reattach the pipe which has come adrift.

I got my wife to do it when it happened on my Mondeo.
It is a real pain though.
Mondeo washers - bikemade3
I had the same problem this winter however i ended up blowing out the lines and replacing the pump£30
Mondeo washers - BobbyG
Where exactly do you reach down through? The bottle seems to be surrounded by the metal wing, or am I missing something?
Mondeo washers - Wales Forester
When my Mondy did this a couple of years ago I took the underslung engine cover off and the other smaller piece behind the front valance, it's then just a question of feeling about as it's difficult to see what you're doing.
Pushed the pipe back on and it hadn't come back off when I sold the car.

Mondeo washers - FatDogMendoza
From what I remember, it is underneath the resevoir, follow the tubes all the way down - this should be accessible (if you have small hands). To help, get someone to activate the washer - you should be able to feel the fluid comming out from the resevoir.

My car was a 96N - yours may be different.



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