Car songs? - Vin {P}
Following on from an earlier "driving songs" thread and the "Classic - Pah!" thread, I remember that the Hillman Avenger was immortalised in a song by an ex Steeley Span member: See

Mini Metro - in the Toy Dolls version of "Drivin' along in my Automobile", titled "Drivin' along in my Mini Metro"

Cortina - "Nina, I've got a Cortina" (or is that just in my imagination; I can't find it on the web)

Any more British cars so honoured?

Car songs? - Ian (Cape Town)
I like driving in my car, it's not quite a Jaguar! Madness.

Got a feel for my Boy-Racer Rover - Queen.

... and what about Booker T and the MGs?

Car songs? - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
You Won't believe this - a song called
"Austin Ambassador - Y Reg"

"Pink Caddilac"
Car songs? - AngryJonny
The Austin Ambassador Y Reg
Is a car that I revere
So don't keep asking me why, Reg
It just happens to be that year

-- John Shuttleworth
Car songs? - AngryJonny
What are the odds of that happening?
Car songs? - GolfR_Caravelle_S-Max
Great minds eh?

better be off...
Car songs? - Pugugly {P}
Brilliant - What other country ? (What has R4 done to the Shuttleworths though) Brings back memories of a two month "lecture tour" of the states back in 95. Picked up my car from the Airport turned the radio on and the Shuttleworths were what was on at the time...the first feeling of homesickness in nine weeks overwhelemed me.
Car songs? - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
'Wish I had a grey Cortina,
Whiplash aerial, racing trim...' - Tom Robinson

'Had a love affair with Nina,
In the back of my Cortina,
A seasoned-up hyena
Could not have been more obscener' etc etc - Billericay Dickie - Ian Dury and the Blockheads.

That must be the one!
Car songs? - Sheepy-by-the-Sea
...and I'm sure Kate Bush's "Man With a Child in his Eyes" includes the line - "He's always lost in his Horizon" - but I could have misheard.
Car songs? - smokie
Mustang Sally?
Car songs? - andymc {P}
Elastica's "Car Song":
"let's go siesta/in your ford fiesta"
"in every little honda/there may lurk a peter fonda"

But the funniest line in the song has to be
"every shining bonnet/makes me think of my back on it"

Car songs? - Ian (Cape Town)
I recall from my youth a song that went
"The Gypsy Rover came over the hill..."
Now, I can't remember much more than that, but I'm sure it included verses on "towing a trailer full of tarmac", "stole the slates off the roof", and "peddaled white heather while their kids stole your wallet".

Car songs? - Canon Fodder

Billy Bragg did a Barking version of Bob Dylan's 'From a Buick 8' called [IIRC] 'From a Vauxhall Velux' - can't remember the lyrics I'm afraid....

Car songs? - pete&hisgolf
'She said "do these seats fold down"?
I said "if you pull that handle..."'

and so on.
Car songs? - Kuang
Marc Cohn did a fantastic track called Silver Thunderbird, from his debut album..

"Well you could hardly even see him in all of that chrome,
The man with the plan and the pocket comb,
But every night it carried him home..

You can keep your El Dorado,
Foreign cars are absurd,
Me? I wanna go down
In a Silver Thunderbird.."

Great stuff....

Oh, and don't forget 'Allo John, got a new motor?' by Alexei Sayle.. ;)
Car songs? - neil
Elvis... Suspicious Minds.

"We're Cortina trap... no turning back..."

I'll get me coat...
Car songs? - BaseRSXmanual
The "Underground" song from Trainspotting.

John Coltrane ? ?Coltrane plays the Blues" full album.
Car songs? - Pugugly {P}
What's the car though ?
Car songs? - Cheeky
Cilla Black did a song about 10-15 yrs ago about a Reliant Robin. Making me wretch just trying to recall any further details...
Car songs? - king arthur
Didn't Amazulu do a song called Montego Bay, which also mentioned something about the keys to the MG?
Car songs? - matt35 {P}
Nice one!
Car songs? - Dwight Van Driver

"Ford he's a jolly good fellow..."

....I'm joing Neil

Car songs? - DavidHM
On the subject, Will Smith's Men In Black (Galaxy Defenders...)


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