Megane II Estate - AR-CoolC
One for Renault fans

I've just seen on the site that there is a Megane estate (sport tourer). For some reason I can't get onto the uk side of the Renault site to look at prices, trim levels etc, all I can see is pictures on the .com site.

Has anyone out there any knowledge of these ? I'm now a little upset because I wasn't aware of the estate version when I placed my order for a Focus estate, if I'd know I would have taken a look at them.

Megane II Estate - harryhammer
It's not launched until November 2003, with prices starting at £12300 approx
Megane II Estate - Soupytwist
It's possible we won't get it over here. I wasn't aware that an estate version of the first Megane existed til I saw one on holidy in France this summer.
Matthew Kelly
No, not that one.
Megane II Estate - bazza
Exactly! The Mk 1 Megane estate never made it over here, presumably because the marketing men thought it might steal sales off Scenic, which probably is sold at a higher profit margin. Mind you they've been a bit myopic for years, witness the lack of a Renault Twingo over here!
Megane II Estate - RB
I've read various reports that the new Megane Sports Tourer will be coming to these shores later in the year.

From the pics, I think it is the best looking version of the Megane - less controversial than the hatchbum. It is as large as the Laguna, apparantly.

What a shame that Renault produce nice/interesting looking cars, but they so often turn out to have reliability/electrical probs which are enough to put you off buying one. RB.
Megane II Estate - MisterMethane
Check out for more detailed information of the initial offering. It's definitely coming to UK along with a 4 door saloon. More engines including a 100 bhp 1.5litre diesel available next year

More info at

Megane II Estate - MisterMethane
The new Twingo will be based on the next Clio platform and it is planned that a RHD version will be made. About time they a had a city car to compete with the Ka , C2 and new 107 etc

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