My parents\' car II - Morris Ox
I posted a week or so ago in an effort to elicit some advice about what kind of car my parents could replace their diesel Passat with. Having spent some time talking to them at the weekend, it\'s time for a change of tack.

What they need most of all is a car which is easy to drive, easy to see out of, easy to maneouvre (especially reversing), and easy to get in and out of.They\'re not decrepit old dears, but like anyone else in the 65-70 age bad time has taken its toll. Both find it difficult twisting round to look when reversing, my mother in particular would benefit from an automatic and a car which is easy to clamber in and out of.

So instead of a conventional replacement for their Passat (a dealer-serviced 99V TDi 110 SE in very good nick with 36,000 on the clock) I\'m thinking of something which may be taller and perhaps has parking sensors. I know they\'d prefer a diesel (because it suits their journey profile), but there aren\'t that many diesel autos around. It needs to seat four adults in comfort because they find themselves transporting friends regularly.

So, one these new criteria, any suggestions?
My parents' car II - Altea Ego
Renault Scenic 2, 1.9DCI auto with convenience pack (reversing sensors)
My parents' car II - Morris Ox
Is that the new Scenic, and does anyone know what its mechanical reputation is (I'm guessing that if it is new the engine and box will be a carry over from its predecessor)?

Any other suggestions anyone?
My parents' car II - mlj
Corolla Verso? Ease of access, roomy, well specced in T3/Spirit form. Diesel is manual only but petrol 1.8 has auto option. HJ not a huge Renault fan, but as I said in your earlier thread, I am persuading my parents into a Toyota Corolla for all the usual Toyota reasons. And it is now a very good car.
My parents' car II - Altea Ego
Yes thats the new scenic. No there is nothing carried over from the old scenic, its based on the new megane platform. AS such it has mechanicals from LagunaII and MeganeII. The 6 speed box is reputedly from Nissan.

If the scenic does not suit, then Zaffira, Picasso all offer climb into access in small family cars. My mother is bitterly upset she has to sink down into the Laguna now, she loved the scenic, just twist round and step out.
My parents' car II - SR
Can't remember from your original thread the reason for specifying diesel, but if it's decent economy they're after, how about a Honda Jazz with Step-7 CVT transmission? I don't like the jiggly ride on the Jazz, but some others have said they find it OK. Don't know about parking sensors, but aftermarket items are available if necessary. Space and access are OK.
My parents' car II - Cardew
Yaris Verso - read HJ Road test and Car by Car Breakdown
My parents' car II - andymc {P}
One suggestion I have is to avoid paying inflated dealer prices unnecessarily for a trim level that includes reversing sensors - there is a wide range of after-market kits which according to reviews are at least as good as OEM equipment. Some of these don't even require any drilling. I think a fairly recent issue of Auto Express features a product test on them - if you're interested & can't find it yourself I'll try to dig it out.
Back on topic, maybe your parents would like a Touran if they were happy with their Passat. I have no idea whether or not parking sensors are available with it! Only thing is it's a new model and hasn't been around long enough to tell whether or not any glitches are likely to arise. Alternatively, how long will it be before the Avensis Verso is updated to match the current (rather than previous) saloon? Even as a new model I can't see a high likelihood of a Toyota giving trouble.
When it was relatively new, the (5 door) Honda Civic came top in a What Car "Comfort Test" for ergonomics - ease of access to the vehicle was particularly highly praised. Now comes with a diesel that's not especially quick but is very economical.
Finally, this month's issue of the same magazine has a feature on forward visibility, looking at the degree to which modern (thicker) A-pillar designs obscure the driver's front view and comparing a range of different models. Might be of interest.
My parents' car II - Morris Ox
Thanks for the suggestions, SR and Cardew, but a Jazz and a Yaris is too small for them. They travel to Scotland regularly, tend to do so four up, and need something which is big enough to give them legroom and boot space for that kind of scenario.

I'm intrigued by the Touran suggestion, but unsure if the seating position is any higher than that of the Passat. Also a bit dubious about buying any car during its first year on sale; rather get something where the bugs have been ironed out.

Corolla Verso sounds interesting. Even wondered about a Subaru Forester (though not the Turbo!).
My parents' car II - CMark {P}
Morris Ox, my Dad is about the same age and has dodgy knees due to excessive amount of squash played in younger years [1].

He was impressed with the Picasso my brother hired last time he was over visiting.

Have a look at HJ's positive review of the auto here:

The autobox doesn't come with diesel though.

Should be nice for a trip up to the Glens.

[1] Currently he is running the 93 L reg XM diesel auto estate he has had from new - think how low those sink when parked overnight!
My parents' car II - nick
The Subaru would be a wise choice. An excellent car, safe and bullet-proof reliablity.

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