Disintegrating Renault Megane - advice?! - helendha
I have a 1997 Renault Megane hatchback - vgc, full service history, two careful lady owners (of whom I am the second). On Saturday evening, when I opened the boot to put my bag inside, the boot lid came off both its hinges, clobbering me on the head on its way down and coming to rest on the rear bumper. Both hinge pins have sheared completely off, and as the boot has twisted round on its way down, there's a considerable amount of damage (both paint damage, a big dent and general twisting of the frame) to the boot lid.

I'm not best pleased, as you can imagine. The car is used for domestic purposes only, and the boot is rarely used at all. As far as I am concerned, there is no way that this is 'normal wear and tear' - in any case, the mechanic I took it to this morning was utterly amazed and said he'd never known this to happen before, even to far older cars.

Suffice to say, this is going to cost me a large sum of money to get fixed - and I haven't even enquired about the cost of having the bodywork repaired yet. I feel that this is down to shoddy workmanship, and I feel inclined to complain direct to Renault. However, I can't seem to find a UK address to write to to register my complaint - their website has an email form to fill in (which I'm not happy with - I want to send a registered letter), or an address in France. Anyone have any ideas where I can get a UK address form?
Disintegrating Renault Megane - advice?! - Chas{P}
I would get the car inspected by a Renault dealer preferably with a Renault approved bodyshop to seek their opinion.

Then write your letter to the Customer Services at this address: Renault UK Ltd, PO Box 527, Houghton Regis, Bedfordshire, LU5 5UR Telephone 0800-387626 Fax: 01582-864699

Disintegrating Renault Megane - advice?! - Ivor E Tower
Do you have access to any free legal advice - through your car insurance policy, or a breakdown organisation? You will probably not get Renault UK to cover 100% of the cost but should be able to pressure them to pay most of it - legal experts may be able to get the 100% contribution from Renault. The hinges have proved "not fit for purpose" but if you want to get Renault UK involved, first make sure that the car is a genuine UK registered vehicle and not an import.
ISTR that Renault UK are based in Buckinghamshire now. My experience of Renault with out-of-warranty claims is that they will not want to know, but good luck!
Disintegrating Renault Megane - advice?! - 659FBE
Ivor, You should have oiled the hinges occasionally, they have probably seized. (sorry).

Regards, 659.

Disintegrating Renault Megane - advice?! - nick
It certainly sounds like the hinges haven't been oiled or greased regularly. I'll bet a pound to a penny that the service schedule includes doing just this, but few garages bother. If it has a fsh, you may have a case.
Disintegrating Renault Megane - advice?! - Altea Ego
should be able to pressure them to pay most of it - legal experts may be able to get the 100% contribution from Renault.

No chance - its 6 years old. Fit for purpose does not come into it.
Disintegrating Renault Megane - advice?! - Ivor E Tower
(1) My Renault problem wasn't seized hinges.
(2) Fitness for purpose does come into it - but this will assume that there is a material or manufacturing defect which could be very difficult to establish. You may have to prove that the hinges have been properly lubricated on a regular basis. Also you would have to be certain that there were no warning signs indicating failure - eg no squeaks, no increase in the amount of effort needed to close/open the boot.

Could be tricky....

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