10 Seater? - c_k_b_69
(I was pretty sure I already posted this but couldn't find it so please forgive me if you see it twice)

My family and I are planning on touring Europe with some friends from America. We want to drive around Europe, the problem? There will be 10 of us all together. The plan is to buy the vechile then sell it afterwards.

Are there any MPV's\Limos\mini buses\caravanettes, which would be comfortable for a few weeks of driving for 10 people + luggage?

Incidently we are based in the London area if that makes a difference.

Any suggestions would help.


10 Seater? - AngryJonny
10 people - you're into minibus territory here. Especially if you want 10 people plus luggage for a few weeks. You're going to need something like a Transit or an LDV Convoy or something. You might cope if you get a 15 seater and take the back row of seats out to get all the bags in.

Or alternatively, two Renault Espaces.
10 Seater? - No Do$h
Just saw a re-run of a fairly recent Fifth Gear on Discovery (No, not that one Hugo) Home & Leisure. Chap picked up an R plate LDV for his extended family plus luggage. Ex Post office van with 39k on the clock for £3,500 and it does over 40mpg.
10 Seater? - LongDriver {P}
But have you EVER driven an LDV ?

It's something you will only do by choice ONCE...

The WORST van available in the UK by a large margin.


a classic piece of British engineering!
10 Seater? - pafosman
dear colin

you havent said how much you want to spend or how fussy your friends are?

having hired a 15 seater in florida they might be expecting the lot, eg a storming V8 petrol, dual air-con, swimming pool in the back etc!

as most of your time is to be spent on the wrong side of the road would you be better to look for a LHD vehicle?

as my previous posts have made clear my '01' 9 seater transit tourneo is 'the works' in my opinion. the LWB version is available in 15 seat form. the diesel engine is awesome, it has electric everything inc air-con and anyone with a metric spanner set can fix it if needs be. there are some LHD specialists advertising in autotrader or the sunday supps. the RHD versions are available ex-lease through brokers.

you may find some american stuff in the local press/dealers in the parts of the country where there are USAF bases, which will of course prob be LHD.

good luck!

10 Seater? - c_k_b_69
Sorry I should have been more specific. We were hoping to not spend more than about £10-15k, but that's looking fairly unlikely. As for all the "mod cons", whilst they would be nice, especially considering the distance we'll be travelling, they're not essential. Comfort is the main requirement.

A transit sounds like it would fulfil our needs, but I have to question the comfort when driving 1000+ miles with 10 people in the vechile.

This is why we were considering a stretch limo. The only problem with that is it's very hard to find one more than a couple of years old.
10 Seater? - No Do$h
One point to consider with a Limo would be whether it could cope with the ramp on a cross channel ferry. Quite a few sports cars ground on the ramps, so it's a dead cert a Limo would.
10 Seater? - Graham
Land Rover 110 Defender.
10 Seater? - lordwoody
I thought of that too, but then noticed he wanted to drive in comfort.
10 Seater? - doctorchris
We hired a Nissan Patrol in Cyprus once that seated 12, 3 in the front row 3 in the next row and 2 3 seater benches facing each other in the boot. Couldn't really call it comfortable though.

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