Mk 2 Golf - No heater control light - Halmer
The heater control light is not illuminating - the one that lights up the heater control disply panel.

The kind man at the scrapyard let me bring a couple home but neither of them work either.

Assuming that I am getting no supply (it should light up when I turn on the lights), and the relating fuse is OK (I can\'t find out which fuse it is on from the manual), has anyone any ideas for a non techie please?!!

Dark nights will be with us soon and I don\'t fancy fumbling around for another four months again every time that I wish to adjust the heating!
Mk 2 Golf - No heater control light - Kuang
I seem to remember the dash insert lights being on fuses 7 and 8, but I can't remember which is which. They're both 10 amps, and you should be able to take them out one at a time to check them.

I used to have a similar problem with mine, and I can't remember how it put itself right - I think it may even have been a bad connection to the cabin dimmer switch.
Mk 2 Golf - No heater control light - Halmer
The speedo instrument panel is working but the heater control lights aren't.

I can't find in the manual any reference to the fuse that governs the heater control lights, only the 'instrument panel'. I am therefore assuming that this is one and as the instrument panel is OK, it must be a fault elsewhere.

Hope that makes sense!
Mk 2 Golf - No heater control light - GGH
The bulb is not replaceable. Put a ohms tester or 12 volts onto the bulb terminals to check if they work. I drilled out the old bulb and glued in a new 12+ volt pea bulb purchased from Tandy/Maplins.


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